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Published: January 27th 2012
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1. Celebrate your history at UICCP: What is a mountain that you think you have climbed since your time here at UICCP? Be specific and explain. What helped you cross this mountain?

Getting pass 9th grade and 11thgrade have been big mountains I've had to climb to make it to senior year. Because transferring to the school was something big and had made somethings for me even harder to get use to the school culture.

2. What immediate mountain is before you in your final semester as a senior? Be specific. How do you plan to tackle this mountain? How do you need help climbing this mountain?

The biggest mountain ahead of me now is the mountain of my GPA. I have to keep that up so none of my schools will accept me with a low GPA. And they may also send me denial letters from schools that accepted me.

3. Create a mountain! Of course there will be many challenges and responsibilities that come with getting older. But what is a mountain that you want to create for yourself? Why this mountain? How do you plan on tackling it?

(For Example – think of Jordan Romero’s goal to climb the summits - your mountain does not have to be an actual mountain…but what big goal do you have for yourself?)

To not get any more detentions is y mountain I need to overcome now, and that is a big one right now because I'm almost at my limit with the detentions, and I can't afford to keep letting them pile up like this anymore.


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