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September 21st 2005
Published: September 21st 2005
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My good friend Andrew L. suggested that I update my blog more often, even if I have less to say, rather than letting a long time go between updates. He believes that people want more frequent updates. I agree. I also think I need to balance frequent updates with good “content,” as they say in the business (it’s not personal, “it’s only business”). I don’t want my readers to get bored! So, I need to have at least mildly interesting things to say.

I am surprised no one has commented yet on my last blog entry given it was 7 weeks since my last entry, so much had happened, and I had quite a bit to say. I love seeing comments, so get writing!

One of my chores Beth left me with was taking our new puppies, Osita and Reina (this is how they spelled their names at the veterinarian’s office so I’ll go with it), to the vet’s office. Dr. Mora (he looked a lot like a friend, Gamma, from Manuel Antonio, actually) was very nice, spoke some English, and mentioned a couple of times that I needed to become fluent in Spanish. That annoyed me a bit, especially after the third mention of it, but nonetheless, he seemed quite competent and thorough.

Getting the dogs to the vet was the toughest part of the chore. They both screamed bloody murder as I put their collars and leashes on and did not want to get into the car. They finally got in by my tempting them with treats. They did not enjoy the first part of the ride, particularly through our ½ mile dirt driveway. They calmed down once we got on the main road, and in fact, took to looking at the scenery out the window, however, one them threw up. I don’t know which one but it made quite the mess in truck, which luckily the vet actually cleaned up for me when I arrived.

When we got into the vet’s building and I let their leashes go, they both scrambled for the nearest table to hide under, and it took some coaxing by both me and the vet to get them out and onto his examination table. They got all required shots, etc., and when the doctor left the room for a bit, they fell asleep. I guess the morning was too traumatic for them.

I got them home and when I let them out of the car they bolted like bats out of hell for the back door where they sleep at night, eat their food, and drink their water. I guess that is their safe space, and they sit as close to the door as possible—right up against it actually. I gather they long to be indoor doors (they’re definitely outdoor dogs). I fed them their lunch and immediately one of them threw up—didn’t see it so I don’t know which one. They didn’t each much of their dinner though this morning their food was gone and I fed them again. They’re much better today and have probably forgotten their torturous day at the vet’s office.

Osita and Reina are a pain in the you know what, they’ve soiled many of my clothes, they don’t listen well, and get into all kinds of trouble (though I think I’ve gotten them to stay off the roof and to stop chasing the chickens and horses), but you cannot help love ‘em.

The rains of Costa Rica….

Speaking of dogs—and cats—it poured like crazy for about three hours last night. I think it was the hardest I’ve seen it rain so far. I love the rain hitting our tin roof as it makes for a really cool sound, gives the place a very cozy feel, and it is great to fall asleep to. My DirecTV satellite worked for most of the time except for about 20 minutes during the height of the storm. That’s good because in Washington my DirecTV even seemed to go down even during a light rain. Perhaps there is less “junk” in the air down here—certainly there is very little air pollution, if any, in my area—so perhaps the signal is better. Fortunately, despite all the rain, I could not find one leak from the roof anywhere in the house as evidenced by puddles on the floor, nor did any flooding occur that Beth experienced while I was gone. Good work Beth (And the workers)!

Quick Emails….Nada!

Just logging onto the Internet and sending a quick email is one of the most frustrating aspects of living here. Dial up is, as some of you may remember, incredibly slow—forget about sending more than one picture at a time or a Powerpoint presentation, without going down to the Internet café in town—so each time I want to send an email, check out a web site, etc., I have to plan on at least an half hour in front of the computer. I did learn the other day that the national Internet monopoly is upgrading all the lines on October 1 and dial up users will witness faster speeds. It won’t quite be broadband or DSL-type speed but it should be much better. In fact, the other night web pages seemed to be loading super fast. Hopefully that means they are testing the system and it is a forbearance of good things to come. They promise us broadband in a few months but that was four months ago, so maybe by the middle of next year we’ll have it! I just imagine the day when both Beth and I (and guests) can be on multiple computers at the same time through a wireless network!

Stupid Stuff….

I let the gas in the car get really low and I think I just made it to the “gasolina” station the other day. And sure enough, I get there, and didn’t have the fuel key for the gas tank as I had been making copies of keys and forgot to put the fuel key back on my key ring. Luckily, the gas station attendant had a key that opened it perfectly—makes you wonder! I guess in the days of high gas prices people stole gas from tanks. Oh, “high gas prices?!” That’s today! Guess I’ll keep locking the gas tank even though I find it annoying.

I haven’t heard from Beth since she left for Maine which is good. She should enjoy her time away and I hope she is.

I have actually got tons and tons of things done being here alone this week. I won’t go into everything but I’ve done many chores around the house and I’ve finally begun my marketing work in earnest. I think I am working harder and longer now than I ever worked in a corporate career but I am my open boss (okay, I only answer to Beth--LOL!) and there is a ton of payoff down the road.

That’s it for now…more on the weekend!

Pura Vida



21st September 2005

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