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Published: March 2nd 2007
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Okay, so February is definitely my busiest time of the year. Back in the states, when I was working full time, except perhaps for Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas weeks, along with the summer holidays—Independence Day and Labor Day—I always seemed to be busy, steadily busy. Most months looked fairly similar. Here in Costa Rica, however, it’s crazy-busy from November to March and then things just drop off as fast as they seemed to get busy. I understand it though. Who wants to be in Indianapolis, Minneapolis or any other “apolis” during this time! Just when I start worrying about my bookings for a particular month, then it hits and hits big time!

This past month (February) we’ve had a terrific mix of people at the B&B—long term guests and short-term guests, all mixing it up with each other. The B&B has seemed to “come into its own” in recent months with guests meeting each other, going off together on trips and ending up back here when they never intended to in the first place. Other guests freely use the kitchen and before you know it, we’re all sitting down to an incredible dinner, playing Scrabble afterwards, or just enjoying the company of new friends and old ones.

I personally think it is a good way to run a B&B—a bit free-form. Let the guests create the character of the place as much as its owner—and we’ve had some characters for sure! I was never sure what to expect when I started this and I’m still not quite sure, so I’ll just go with the flow, like with this blog, and see where it ends up.

What I do know is that I’ve met some incredible people from all over. These are people with interesting backgrounds, careers, aspirations, and for many of them interested in making the move I did. It’s fun helping them see that they can do what I did.

Too many projects?

With everything going on now, I think I’m going to be busy year-round at least for a few years. It’s amazing how just about two years ago I came down here to simply run a B&B, relax, and decide on my next move (or better stated, figure out how to survive until retirement some 20+ years away!). So, now I have two tour companies, a real estate company and more things coming! None of this would have happened, however, without meeting some terrific people along the way (and you know who you are!). It took some time as it does in any new place. But in a foreign country where it’s just hard to know what kind of people live here and even more scary, what type of gringos are moving here, I think you end up “going through a few people,” so to speak, before finding the few people who really matter.

I’ve decided Costa Rica is a great place where you can create your own “paradise” whether it’s in business or by just enjoying a quiet life. If you want to do something, however, there is still much opportunity here for anyone who is hard working and can create something of value—particularly for tourists and equally important, the ex-pat community.

My bike!

I’ve spent the past few weeks practicing riding my motorcycle. I haven’t been on a bike in years so I’m taking my time and just tooling around my property. Perhaps by next week I’ll finally drive to San Ramon. I’ve really become attached to that bike in the past few weeks. Bikes just seem to have more “personality” than automobiles.

The Tour!

We had a terrific “Boomers in Costa Rica” tour in February. The weather was perfect, the hotels worked out well and my friends in real estate, law, and architecture all do an amazing job showing our guests how to move here, buy real estate and make the move to Costa Rica. It’s an amazing experience showing people around my adopted country. One part of the tour, however, deserves special mention. My friends Dave & Marcia, who live in Grecia, recently built a stunning home (after building a very nice guest house). For each tour, they open up their home for an hour and let our guests see what they’ve accomplished here. They ask for nothing. They just do it because they are terrific people and enjoy sharing their experiences moving here and living here. By the way, I’ve discovered that the BEST casados in the entire country are at “Restaurante Nelson,” in downtown Grecia. Their lemonade is amazing too! So, if you are in Grecia during the day, definitely find this place and have lunch! It’s definitely a “Boomers Best Buy!”

I think I am traveling for a few days next week so my next update may be from somewhere far away—or somewhere not so far—I just haven’t decided yet!

Finally, when you get a minute, check out our new website, “CR Communities.”

Thanks for reading and for your comments. More soon!

Pura Vida!

Andrew (real estate and more!) (4-day/3 night relocation/retirement/real estate tour!) (Boomers’ Real Estate & More Blog!) (the B&B!)


2nd March 2007

Thanks for the update!
Sounds like things continue to go very well!! We missed you at the CCY reunion party the other week. It was great seeing everyone. Keep up the good work!!
5th March 2007

Motorcycle license
Don't forget to get your CR motorcycle license before you venture very far away from home. By the way, I really enjoy your blog. I am temporarily back in Florida and your writing takes me back to Costa Rica, if only for a few minutes.
3rd April 2007

Gracious Grecians!
Dave and Marcia are indeed gracious hosts. Dave spent a great deal of time explaining to Jane and I the rationale behind the startling design of their home, the mechanical construction and reasons for it and the many personal touches that make their home so outstanding. They credited their architect, Rodrigo Torres, with highly professional and competent management of the building proccess and making the project a pleasure. The result is a home that features stunning views, spacious living and a sense of architectural accomplishment. Thank them again for us when you see them. Sam and Jane Indianapolis, IN

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