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Published: July 24th 2012
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Getting an afternoon flight is sometimes a good thing. Packed the night before just had to get up and sort out the last few things before the Taxi came to pick us up at 10.30 am. Charlie's the Taxi company were bang on time as they always are and we had moved the bags down to the bottom of the garden so we cold be away quickly. Left Fred and Barney working on the new "shed". Be interesting to see how they've got on when we get back.

Leaving from Terminal 4 was an absolute pleasure - checked in on line so just baggage drop. Wanted to be reasonably early as the plane was over booked and I didn't want them bumping us onto another flight. No queue to drop bags - yes that's right no queue. Then straight through security I even got a go in the X-ray scanner thingy!

Through security by about 11.45 so we had lunch at Garfunkels - I'm sure it's the same menu I had about 30 years ago - but a pleasant enough way to while away time before the flight. A quick wander around the terminal - perfume sprays in Duty Free for the ladies and a quick ogle of the headphones for everyone then our gate was called. Boy were there a lot of people for this plane... and there were people waiting for places - not going to happen!

Plane left on time and we were told was likely to be 30 minutes early into Atlanta - result! Might even get to the managers reception... if American Homeland Security don't delay us too much. Lunch was served - wasn't even the usual chicken or beef? We had a choice of chicken curry, chicken salad or vegetable lasagne! The chicken curry was actually very eatable - well I eat it anyway!

Spent quite a bit of the flight looking at the Costa Rica books - there are some great places to visit and photograph. I may take a few pictures...

Arrived early into Atlanta and got through security and baggage collection without a hitch. Overnight stay at the Embassy Suites we took a shuttle to the internal airport and then free ride from there to the hotel. Even at 8 pm it was 33 C nice!

Quick trip to the bar where they asked for photo id for me - yes I kid you not old wrinkly and grumpy and they still sent me back to my room for photo id! I had the appetiser size Nachos that 2 of us couldn't finish. Matthew is in food heaven.

It was night all round at about 10.00 pm. which was well past Catherine's bedtime.

2nd Day

Okay 2 am. is not a good time to get up! Woke up far to early and eventually got to sleep but still up at 5! Down for breakfast at 6 - Matthew a little off his food only managed to polish of a complete omelette!

We had decided that rather than lug the bags onto the bus and back to the domestic terminal and then back to the international we'd take a Taxi direct to the international airport which we did. Check in again was a bliss compared to the normal Heathrow experience. Massive massive airport we took a monorail from one terminal to another - each seemed to have over 30 gates. We think it's the biggest airport in the world in terms of area? Nope passenger movement.

Flight was good a little bumpy as we entered the San Jose airspace and down from the mountains. We landed safely and with only a bit of a tail wiggle as we had the very back seats. Picked up by a very nice man from Costa Rica ground transfers and taken in a 16 seater Mercedes van to the Aurola Holiday Inn which is a great hotel and location. Tried to check-in but they wouldn't let us as we were on the Executive floor! So they took us up to the 15th floor... Superb views - we also have 2 interconnecting rooms - wow.

Nipped down to the restaurant for a buffet lunch which was very nice - not spicy - lovely fish and chicken. We thought we'd go in the pool but we aren't by luck wit pools - closed for 2 weeks maintenance guess when? Yep just when we are visiting!

Back to the room no sleeping people - you must stay awake! You will stay awake. Christopher and I popped out to see if we could get some Colones (the local currency) - 3 banks no luck. Imagine the card is now blocked so back to the hotel and yep after phoning Nat West it was "temporarily" blocked. I'd like to temporarily block them....

5 is the Exec reception so I'm sitting here on the 15th floor watching the electrical storm over the mountains.... Great. Need to stay awake until about 9 as that will be 4 in the morning UK time!

I'm tired.

A beer or 2 at the exec managers reception went down very well. Took some pictures with the funky wide angle lense... will upload with the blog.

Room temperature is causing an issue - some too cold (guess who) and the rest of us are stripping down to our pants!

Room service was absolutely great - lovely burgers with real caramelised onions according to Christopher. Eleanor polished off a plate of chicken nuggets...

Matthew complained few meals today - the omlette didnt count he says....

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