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Published: August 21st 2010
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So after the little jaunt to Aus, I flew straight back through LA and into San Jose, Costa Rica. My plan was to volunteer in a school here to learn a bit of Spanish and time with local kids, so I was met at the airport by Bryan, Cecelia's son. Cecilia and Bryan were to be my San Jose family. Bryan turned out to be pretty, ahem, sociable I'd say, so I spent a lot of time with Cecelia (who speaks... Read Full Entry

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24th August 2010

Looks like you are having an amazing time!! Awesome to get the updates :-) Nothing major going on here... not sure if I told you but I got a new job - I am officially a lecturer now! Loving it. Something I have always wanted to do... awesome not to be sitting behind a computer all day! (Although I would definitely prefer to be in Costa Rica now!) And we have also bought ourselves a house (when I say house I mean... small ... and when i say small i mean tiny... 2 bed flat....) but still very exciting! Anyway, thats just a little bit of news from damp London! Good to see you having such a great time and embracing it all! xxx

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