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September 22nd 2003
Published: December 13th 2006
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Hola! I´m in Costa Rica now. I´ve finally found the internet, although the keyboard is
different - if it
->looks all messed up that´s because I feel like read-spell-write for the
->first time. Bear with me!
->I arrived on Saturday morning safely, the flight went well. Costa Rica looks like a big green
->blanket - the mountains are big and beautiful, and covered in a carpet of trees and grass. It
looks just
->like a rainforest should! I have yet to see the oceans, but I should get my chance this
->My host family is very very nice. Unfortunately, the room is a bit on the "rugged" side, shall
we say, and
->my allergies are in full bloom, so I will be moving to another home sometime today or
->Today was my first day of class, and I FINALLY got to meet other students. Including myself,
there are a
->total of 4 students here from the US, and 2 of them leave on Friday. Hopefully I will
gain enough
->confidence to travel within the area by myself before they leave.
->As for the Costa Rican people - called "Ticos" - they are all very nice and polite. I made my
->Spanish/English boo-boo yesterday, the first of many I´m sure. I said "tengo hombre" to my
family, trying
->to express to them that I was hungry. Apparently, however, I told them "I have many lovers",
so of course
->they died with laughter. I MEANT to say "tengo hAmbre" - I am hungry. Won´t make that mistake
->Another interesting note is the driving here in Costa Rica. Stop signs, turn signals,
lanes...they´re all
->optional. It´s a free for all on the roads, much worse even than the SUV-driving soccer moms
in west
->Not much else to report just yet. This weekend I´ll be going to either a volcano or to a beach
on the
->Pacific coast. For now, most my efforts are mostly spent trying to settle in and orient myself
with the
->area. I´ll keep in touch as much as possible, and hopefully next time I´ll have more
interesting tales. I
->hope you´re doing well, I love you!!! Be safe, and until later,
->I love you,


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