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September 22nd 2003
Published: December 11th 2006
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Hello! I finally found the Internet, although it is painfully s l o o o o w w w w w.
Today I had my first day of classes. Including me, there are a total of 4 students from the U.S. One of them is Chris, my housemate at Marias, and the other two are very nice guys from Southwest Texas, just like me. Their names are Scott and Paul, and today they saved me after class! They stopped by and asked me to eat with them. They shared a little about their experiences here, and have offered to keep me company. Paul leaves Friday, as does Chris whom I still haven´t met, Scott leaves next week, and then...all by myself 😞 The director here won´t give me a straight answer as to whether other students are coming or not, so I guess I just need to suck it up.
I also spoke with the housing director today, Vera. I told her about my concerns at the current house, and she was very understanding and helpful. There are two other places I can stay, either at Julieta´s or at Cynthia´s. I think I´m gonna stay at Cynthia´s, which is next door to school. Her house is much brighter, she´s younger and more vibrant/actve, she has two kids (8 and 5 I think), and I just felt better there. Plus she´s having a group of students for one week in October while I´m here, so I´´d have company. Right now at Maria´s, it´s just (and I mean no offense or anything bad) but it´s just old people. Harold and Noemi are 90 and don´t get around at all, Maria is probably 60 and doesn´t get around much, and Marlena is always gone. I feel depressed there b/c the house is always dark and quiet since they sleep all day, and then there´s the more important issue of the damp musty bedroom and moist pillow. I just don´t think it´s healthy for me to stay, altho! ugh the folks are super nice. Vera said it is no problem to change, and not to worry about offending anybody, and that I am handling it nicely. So that´s the update. Soon as I get the new information - phone and address - I will call you.
So, that´s my update for now 😊 I miss you guys soooooo much!!!!!!! I´m trying my best. I´m glad to finally meet other students, and I will enjoy their company while they´re around.
Be safe and know that I love you!!! You´re welcome to write me email, I´ll check it whenever possible. For now, it´s time for siesta.
I love you guys, lots of hugs and kisses!


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