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Published: May 12th 2010
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TEFL 013TEFL 013TEFL 013

Me in the hotel room (not where I live now)
So it's Tuesday and I have completed my second day of TEFL courses. It's pretty fun so far and I love the class. I moved from my host family to the school campus because I was the only one living away. However, half of the class moved out and into an apartment because they didn't like it here and wanted air conditioning. The rest of us are roughing it. My dad would be proud. In order to take a shower I had to kick out 2 crabs, a beetle looking bug, and some other thing. However, the Super 2000 (Supermarket) sells 409 so I'm armored now. The class only consists of 7 of us, and then one guy's girlfriend is here for moral support, (no, really). The four people that live with me are Lonny (46 and currently from Guatamela..(but really from the U.S), Karen (28 from Maryland), and Rebekah (29) from Cali. We're a good mix.

There are pictures of the school for you guys to see as well. It's pretty and has LOTS of stairs that lead to different classrooms (2), an office, a lounge area and kitchen, and rooms for living. We also have a laundry area
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Fake grasshoppers made from palms at Manuel Antonio
way on the top. Next door are some huge houses and farms. And yes, there's even a rooster. I think he's special though because he doesn't wake up until like 7.

Anyways, nothing too exciting has happened yet. We've just been in school and getting acquainted with the town which I really like. It's pretty simple to navigate and is an easy walk from the school. Plus it's like 2 bucks for a taxi which prevents you from sweating like a pig.

I'll update soon. Adios!!

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TEFL 018

Jesus Christ! That's the name of the lizzard you will see if you look close. Not because they sneak up on you (which is why I call them 'Oh Shit!'s', but because they walk on water
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TEFL 002

Mefi in my mom's glasses being smart and Jorge in my glasses singing "Don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me?"
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TEFL 019

In class - Bekah hiding and Judy being busy
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TEFL 003

Mom before ziplining
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TEFL 021

House up the hill - rich folk
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TEFL 005

Louis and Trinidad during our Spanish/English lesson
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TEFL 023

My school and 3040 stairs
TEFL 006TEFL 006
TEFL 006

Bar at Hotel Costa Verde when my mama y hermano were here
TEFL 024TEFL 024
TEFL 024

House next door to the school is for sale if you miss me lots. It also has a swimming pool
TEFL 007TEFL 007
TEFL 007

Free shots- forgot the name (I had 3)
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TEFL 025

Karen on the balcony
TEFL 027TEFL 027
TEFL 027

My neighbors
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TEFL 028

The school again- If you look really hard and blow up the pic then you can see Lonny walking down the stairs

12th May 2010

It looks like you are having an amazing time! I think it is great that you get to have such a unique experience!

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