Osa Peninsula and Lapa Rios - Heaven is found

Published: July 29th 2016
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On our way to Lapa Rios a National Geographic Eco Reserve at the end of nowhere ..we realised it would take us 7 hours to get to the next destination. We decided to break up the trip into two sections - using our resting place as Manuel Antonio a popular beach resort half way down the coast.

I forgot to mention that Costa Rica is in the rainy season so we drove more than 4 hours in torrential rains that were refreshing but definitely slowed us a down especially since the highway is in reality a two way road with no shoulders and a lot of small and large moving trucks.

As we entered the intersection towards Manuel Antonio I was so proud of Jeff as he and the Gps help me drive and manoeuvre our way through the very narrow streets giving us a closeup look how the locals lived. Everything seems super miniature from the houses with the low roofs to the small streets and bridges even the dogs are really small here.

We climbed up the mountain to be rewarded by a most breathtaking view of the pacific ocean cluttered by cheap tourist stores and restaurants. Everywhere we passed we were hassled to buy or eat but we kept pretty focused knowing that we were told that it’s not a good idea to drive in the dark to Lapa Rios since the road leading up is a dirt one and can be tricky because of the rain.

The drive never ended and Jeff asked me how most people get to this resort and I told him I don't think anyone drives here because I know there is a flight on a 12 seater plane (which i am not even going near that ) and when the receptionist asked how we were arriving - she just said “oh” when she heard we were driving and warned us not to drive in the night.

So as we finally arrived at on the last stretch we reached a city Jimaneez that has no paved roads and off we were for 19 km of a pothole , rained out road passing little rivers and ditches till we finally figured out how to turn this car into a 4X4 to get up the last hill and find paradise.

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dead palm treesdead palm trees
dead palm trees

when palm trees can no longer give it fruit they shoot them with something that kills them. it was very sad to look at
our roomour room
our room

no windows - just screens to a totally open view of the jungle

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