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4th August 2016

Absolutely gorgeous and amazing!! enjoy every minute.
13th August 2015

איזה יופי
כעת חזרנו מגיאורגיה ואני רואה את הבלוג. איזה יופי... תהנו מותק
10th August 2015

Prague. one of my favourite cities !!!!!
have a great time !! photos are great!
10th August 2015

Thank You!
Thank you for bringing back memories of our mini trip!!! continue to survive, revive and create!
11th August 2014

have a great time no guilt!
11th August 2014

Ireland- we were there a few weeks ago!
Hi Shame we didn;t speak before you left- we would have given you lots of tips etc. What is your route? we were there for 12 days- June 22-July3rd. Stayed in a beautiful place in Salthill ( near Galway), and also in Killarney. The SupaValu in Dublin has a great kosher food section. If you want more ideas what to se and do- let us know. have a great time!
11th August 2014

איזה כייף לכם. מזכיר לי נשכחות. זוכרים את המלצתי להיכנס לפאבים המקומיים שהשכנים מביאים את כלי הנגינה, שותים בירה ומנגנים לכו על גינס שחור, אפשר להזמין גם חצי כוס
25th February 2014
route 55

biutifull photo
30th July 2013

Hi So where is the next trip to? Welcome home. How is the family doing? Any changes while you were away? rebecca
30th July 2013

LOVED following the bog!
Thanks for taking us with you on this tremendous trip! MISSED YOU and can't wait to see you here at home! Love, Faith
28th July 2013
stopped on the side of the road

Shavuah Tov
What a wonderful ending to a perfect trip. It is so ironic that you met neighbors thousands of miles away. We love you.
28th July 2013

אני לא מפסיקה להתפעל
28th July 2013

Hi Welcome back to reality!But the memories will always be with you. Re the 24/7 with one person- we have had that 2-3 times, and I said the only time we weren't togerther was when he/I went to the bathroom, or he was davening! For some of our friends, this was the most impressive part of our trip- that after all this 24/7 time together, we were still together!! catch you soon= and b'shaa tova etc etc
25th July 2013

We Love Voss is Doss!!
What a trip!!! You are going to have Horwitz-like embellished stories for the rest of your lives!! We are sooooo happy for you and proud of your brave undertakings. We love the photos. Some of them should be enlarged & go on your wall. We Love You.
25th July 2013

Hi Brenda-on a cruise you could read all the books you wanted to read, learn bridge, play tennis, go to the gym/pool as much as you want, maybe even dine with the Captain, put on weight.. etc etc- all this without getting into the car....( not to mention go to interesting places) Do it for your 30th anniversary- in 2 years, no? Love to Jeff- I love the blog! And Mike also does- he says you could consider becoming a travel writer.....
24th July 2013

Love Traveling with YOU!!
Love your written descriptions and the incredible photos. We feel like we are with you. Enjoy, enjoy the last few days.
24th July 2013

love your blog !
Loved the pic of trees growing on the roof !!! and the view from your room omg !!!!! love your blog...years ago I was in Norway and remember Bergen as being beautiful.
24th July 2013

The photos and scenery are amazing!It seems like you are having a wonderful time.How much longer?
22nd July 2013

The streak of adventure in both of you, is amazing to behold! You both look very happy, despite the fact that a slow relaxing vacation,it\\\'s not. You are making the most of it, that's the way you vacation. Love...
From Blog: fly baby fly
22nd July 2013

ככה גם שלום ואני הוא בשרוול קצר ואני עם סווצ'רים וגטקס
22nd July 2013

You're addicted???
so am I....into the office , make coffee - and settle for a good read!!! Enjoy
21st July 2013

love !!
amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21st July 2013

Looks absolutely fabulous! And cold! Keep enjoying yourselves. Rebecca
21st July 2013

What a big beautiful world, there is out there! Thanks for sharing it with me,you two, adventurers.
21st July 2013

You work hard and vacation hard. I believe it\'s who you are. Being brave is a part of it, too. Pictures look like a traditional Brenda & Jeff trip, breathtaking views,superlative car and lodging, good coffee and all around enjoyment. Only time you probably rest, is on Shabbat. Keep having an exciting & satisfying time together. Love from me...

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