Costa Rican Food (by Jenny)

Published: June 29th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Coming from a country that fries and sugarizes every possible food product on the shelf, Costa Rica is a wonderful change of atmosphere. Here the food is essentially delicious from its natural flavors, which leads to a better and healthier food. Although the main ingredients are somewhat basic, the varied mixtures of the ingredients create something different to avoid monotony. For example, the dish gallo pinto is based on a mixture of beans and rice. Today, the addition of onions, eggs and tortillas enhances a simple dish of gallo pinto to a well rounded meal.

Another traditional dish that branches off of beans and rice is the casado dish. This dish still has rice and beans, but, in addition, this dish includes a salad, a choice of meat, and a fried plantain for dessert. This natural dish is evenly and moderately proportioned to each other satisfying the hunger rather than overfeeding. Both these dishes represent how a simple diet can fulfill the needs of one person to entire communities. I highly recommend the Costa Rican diet because food here not only is simple to make, but delicious in its natural flavors and very healthy.

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Fish CasadoFish Casado
Fish Casado

Photo by Leslie
Beef CasadoBeef Casado
Beef Casado

Photo by Jessica

Photos by Jessica
Veggie Pasta DishVeggie Pasta Dish
Veggie Pasta Dish

Photo by Leslie
Food CollageFood Collage
Food Collage

Photos by Jessica
Something SweetSomething Sweet
Something Sweet

Photo by Jessica
Birthday CakeBirthday Cake
Birthday Cake

OK, there are sweet desserts here, too. This was the birthday cake that we got to celebrate Eileen's birthday.

29th June 2012

Birthday cake
Love the birthday cake for Eileen! Beautiful! Happy birthday, girl!
29th June 2012

Eileen, Your cake is beautiful and looks delicious. I can't wait to see you again. Deb

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