Santa Elena - Monteverde

Published: March 16th 2009
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It took us around a 10 hour of bus ride to get to the mountain town of santa elena - a tourist town really, primarily americans, - but it seems worth it. The mountains are covered in dense rain forest, and there is a nice breeze cooling us down. A big change from the relentless heat of manuel antonio.

Ellie is still suffering from the sun burns inflicted upon her by the pacific coast sunshine... I am fine.

Today we took a bus to the local national park, with the hope of seeing the constantly erupting Volcano Arenal after 3 hours of trekking. We did not. We are still not sure why.

We didnt see too much wildlife which was in contrast to the abundant monkeys and sloths in manual antonio - we even saw a sloth climbing gracefully across a telephone wire across a path in one of the national parks, barely 3 feet above my head. they´re the coolest little animals i must say! - but we did see an armadillo on the 6km walk back to our hostel.

We´re staying in a hostel called Sleepers Sleep Cheaper hostel, run by a friendly and helpful family. we´re enjoying everything here.... though I am missing music and my piano a bit.

Adios for now!


16th March 2009

chris.....sounds brilliant.....I'm in the slightly more 21st century town of Adelaide......very hot and sunny here....though weirdly, not today! See ya in England. x
17th March 2009

Today I had to get up early and I've been working all day, today was not a good day.
17th March 2009

thank you dominic
thanks for letting me know about your day dominic. i hope tomorrow is better for you! and also, FOUR - one? its funny because we may win FOUR trophies this season.

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