Manuel Antonio

Published: February 13th 2010
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It's so hot in Manuel Antonio! After having relaxed in the cool of our hotel in San Jose, the heat and humidty of Manuel Anotonio hit us hard! To make things worse the room we were staying in had no airconditioning and the ceiling fan didn't really work very well! On our first afternoon we didn't do much except walk around trying to gte our bearings.
The next morning we got the bus to Manuel Anotonia Reserve, it costs 10 dollars to get into the reserve. We saw a few different animals, monkeys, racoons, sloths, iguanas, and a few different types of birds. The park also has some very beautiful beaches. Its a small park and we explored it easily in 1 day. Unfortunately Manuel Antonio is too explored it has too many tourist going there and the animals don't have anywhere to hide, to make matters worse bins arn't covered in the park and therefore monkeys and racoons are able to find food in them. People also feed the monkeys despite being told not to as its very bad for them it makes them lazy and also can give them dieses. Because of the amount of tourists the monkeys look angry and unhappy but they don't really have anywhere else to go and they are attracted by the easily accesible food.
At night we went to " El Avion" which is a bar/restaurant made from the body of a 1954 Fairchild c-123. Its really cool as the plane on the outside is as it was but once inside you are in this cool bar! When we got back to our room that night we were pleasantly surprised to find a fan! At least we managed to breath that night!!!


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