Today was much needed


Today was simply put a much needed blissful day..I cant describe the serinity that I felt today wandering by myself. Before I get into that thoughts have been running through and through.

Ive found some of the views that I have long lost. I remember who I was and what drove me, aside from my chaotic ways, and FTW mentality. I want to come back to this country again. But the next time I come back I want to be able to communicate with the locals more then buenos diaz como estas and not be able to carry on from there. I want to be more then the gringo that is bringing them the little bit of money that I have, although helpful to them, not satisfying to me. I want to be that guy when someone new shows up to be able to provide them with a plethra of information. I want in 20yrs to be able to start my stories with one time in Costa Rica, or one time in India, or One time in Dubai...I don´t want my stories to begin with one time in kansas, or one time in florida. An open spirit is the gateway to the world. There is so much more out there then pushing a tray to some schmo in the Lob and asking if they want more biscuits. There is more then selling a skateboard to a kid in fun as that was I want to introduce my heritage and skate culture world wide, I want to provide the chances I had to some kid who never knew they were available to them before. I want my vocabulary to be expanded past fuck you, kiss my ass, and only god can judge good as terms as they are there is so much more. So many more oppurtunities. I want to say I have friends in Iran, quebec, spain, france, europe..I want to travel. I want to see the world as it is and make my own definition of it. Not the view pressed on me by CNN or the internet from the eggshell of my household. I want to open the door that my parents presented to me growing up, I want to cross that threshhold again as an adult and as a free spirit and not be drawn into a vortex of comfortability. I will do this on my own or with someone to share it with but I will do this..for those that haven´t traveled alone to with someone, I highly recomend it...expand your horizons see what the world has out there. Not just the US, Not just your state or town or neighborhood. Step into the unknown and discover eden. Discover what god created for us to see....

now with that said, I will post my day later. Just had to get that off my mind


21st June 2010

Well traveled
While I want to see the world just as much as you do, I long to see them majestic purple moutains kids sing of every morning. Being a driver let me see places in my state that I would never led me down roads that I wouldn't have normally thrown a stick down, let alone decided to travel. On too many occasions have I emerged from a canopy of pine, spruce and oak trees to a meadow with a bubbling brook and a stallion galloping gracefully or a huge hill that towers over like a mountain with a lazy stream reflecting the pillows of clouds and blue skies above. I want to see the things that make us American, the things that so many have fought for and fought to be able to fight for. I hate not being able to say that I've seen any of the lakes in the Land of Lakes, hadn't seen Rushmore, the Canyon, the Redwoods, hadn't been to L.A, Detroit, Portland, Vegas, Boston, Myrtle many places that are right here in the good ole U. S. of A that have a world of wonders to be taken in, experienced, enjoyed and shared. So lets do Spain or France next year, then lets gets a good ole red blooded American road trip in....again! Call me when ever, as usual.

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