Published: May 17th 2010
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We pet Bambi!
So this weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday we went out to Bambu Jam to see live music and just get away from the school. It was a group of 5 teachers (all girls). We did dinner and drinks which was a ton of fun. I met a guy from Norway who was telling people we were twins becasause we were both blonde haired and blue eyed. He was funny. Saturday I slept in and did laundry and then went on a Mangrove tour. That was pretty cool. It was the group of girls again, and then 4 guys from the U.S who were just backpacking through. Karen and I met up with them later for drinks and between the guys (mostly from Colorado) and 2 Canadian girls, everyone decided that I had the funniest accent. The Mangrove tour was about 2 hours long and was just a boat ride through the Mangroves. We got to feed monkeys bananas too. They were hilarious and jumped all around the boat. They were very humanlike. At one point we swiched from giving them banana to giving them mango and one of the monkeys literally put it down and made a noise

these were everywhere on our hike
that sounded like "no!"

On Sunday Karen Rebekah and I got up around 7 and went to the national park. We did the usual walk through the park, but also added an hour long hike through the rainforest. It was awesome. We got to see more beaches and lookouts and whatnot, although we originally did it because we thought it would take us to a waterfall- not so much. After the hike we hung out on the beach for a few eating sno cones. Then went to lunch at a little restaurant in Manuel Antonio. It started to rain so Bekah went home and Karen I are decided to get some beers at the bars in Manuel Antonio. We got home at midnight. ha Next weekend is ATV tour and possibly ziplining again. Wahoo! Time to get back into school mode...

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look at those teeth!

Happy Birthday Mom!

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