The Earth Went Boom

Published: May 21st 2010
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So remember last week when I told you that we went on a long hike to look for waterfalls that didn't exist? Well yesterday there were waterfalls everywhere; on the streets, all the gutters, on the stairs, on the hills....

We had thunderstorms the 2 nights before but didn't think much of it. During the day yesterday it kept sprinkling but nothing happened so we knew we were in for it. It started pouring really really hard and then all the sudden the thunder started going crazy- or so I thought. For probably 10-15 seconds we had an earthquake! I was in a classroom with my teacher and a student waiting for a class to start. All the sudden, it got really loud, the trees went crazy, the windows shook, the building shook, and outside the hills started moving like I was on LSD or something.

The aftershocks were really small so we just got back to doing what we were doing, (after talking about it for 10 minutes). Karen went to her room to get something and came back looking very panicked. The quake shook a bunch of mud and water into her room and her floor and all of her belongings were covered it muck. The same thing happened to Rebekahs room. I have the Rupunzel room (up lots of stairs), so nothing happened to mine.

The power was going funny because a few telephone poles and things fell so Karen went to Judy's house for the night. She didn't mention she was leaving or anything so Bekah and I were left alone. The teachers were concerned and were going to stay the night here if we wanted them to but instead we opted for a hotel. Ury (a student here) called Costa Verde (my faves) and got us a nice room at a decent price. The teacher (Danielle) took a taxi with us to the hotel and Bekah and I got settled in... with the air, the pool, the bar, and Louis and Trinidad of course. What started out scary turned out to be a nice little break. 6.2 richter scale earthquake you suck. I'd prefer a bilzzard.

Back at school....


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