Off to Tortuguero (the turtle land)

Published: January 11th 2014
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Hola peeps,

Sorry there are no photos yet - internet didn´t work last night and this morning I only a few minutes before meeting the GVI Group who are making there way to the National Park. Basic itinerary for today looks like, meet group, take vehicle to Tortuguero Village which is about 50KM from here then 1 hour motor boat ride to the park and the research base where I will be staying for the next 12 weeks until off to Nicaragua for a couple of weeks....

To get you up to date however on my adventures so far, having woken up at 5am yesterday, I had some breakfast (pineapple and banana), then went back to sleep for 2 hours...oops. Peter and I then set out about 10am. It´s not far from the hostel into the main city, although we did walk in the wrong direction for about 8 blocks before realising this! Didn´t have my compass as travelled light. Anyhow, having turned around, headed into the city over the River Torres which made Bracknell´s brook look like the Mississippi! I think the wet wet season hasn´t hit San Jose. The city is not particularly pretty but there are the odd colourful looking oldie worldie places, a pink church a yellow hotel and Costa Rica´s theatre which has a marble interior etc.

We wandered into the parks and saw our first bird (picture to follow) and went to the markets. Stopped for chicken and rice for lunch and then wandered a bit out of the centre to try and get a view from the old battlement building.

The people are very friendly, we had many Holas and a high five! A lady even wished us Happy New Year (in English) when she realised we didn´t understand what she was saying to us. By the end of our wanderings we felt like mini celebrities. Maybe Peter looks like someone from One Direction.......

After that, a short rest (for me that is...Peter is fresh from University and lives off 4 hours sleep a day - good for him but I am an old lady now! Ha!!) wandered back to the hostel again by the river and then a little siesta...for me!

That evening, a recommended Tapas bar....had a huge steak (my last for a while). We tried ordering our food in Spanish. The waiter smiled, wandered off and came back with a menu in English and said would you like hamburgers!!!! Peter went for some Tacos and the chilli sauce (only medium but one drop was enough for was still 20 degrees and warm enough for t-shirts whilst sitting outside). Avoided the buses on the road on the walk back and off to bed at 10.30pm.

Right, must meet my group.

take care all, love Sx

p.s. pictures will follow.....

p.p.s no updates now probably for 2 weeks


12th January 2014

Love you!
Great blog sister, you paint a good picture...glad you got some meat before your veggie diet starts in earnest! Can't wait to hear about your first 2 weeks. Have fun. Love you xx
14th January 2014

Good luck!
Great to hear that things are going well so far, and I promise not to say "I told you so" now that I discover you did not practise compass skills sufficiently... Rule 1: bring the compass! Enjoy your trip into the wild...
22nd January 2014

Sounds great. I googled the village you're heading to to check out the tents you will probably be staying in and to my surprise Tortuguero has it's own website sponsored by Kuoni. Looks like you'll be living the dream out there. ps blondie says hello
29th January 2014

Happy New Year Sharoni! Really enjoying your 'turtle' blog and look forward to seeing photos soon. take care of yourself, and the turtles xx

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