I have arrived!

Published: January 10th 2014
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It´s twenty past five in the UK on the 10 January, and twenty past 11 on the 9 January in Costa Rica! Made it via two flights, a long trek through Newark Airport. Also, met Peter who is on the 3 month programme so we shared a taxi to the hostel.

Very excited to be here. Will check out San Jose once I have had some sleep.

take care all, Sx


10th January 2014

Do you know the way to San Jose?
Hi jean! glad to hear you got there safe and sound - I almost replied to your text and then realised it would be 1:30am your time....so I hope you got a good nights sleep! Happy exploring xx
10th January 2014

Hooray, you're there!
Hello sister! So pleased you have arrived safely and made a friend already, great news! Hope the Newark airport trek wasn't too bad. Have a good sleep and then tell us all about the weather, surroundings, people, etc etc...have you spoken any Spanish yet?? Love you xxxx
11th January 2014

a is r and e is a
Thanks for the messages. Really love to read them. So, I have started trying to put my Spanish into action. I met an American called Don Tucker - yes really his name - and he gave me a crash course in pronunciation. I still couldn´t pronounce the name of the room I was staying in though to ask for the key but got there in the end. I think the hostel owner knew what I meant all along but he´s just getting me to practice too. Met an american who is also on the trip -Jacob but should meet the others this morning. San Jose city is pretty small with a lot of traffic.Peter it seems deploys the Comper mantra of crossing roads "if in doubt just walk out". I on the other hand as you can imagine dither for a bit, see Peter cross a busy road and scurry behind squeeking - quick- I think I am like Piglet when it comes to crossing roads! Radio silence for about two weeks now...off to the rainforest yipeeee. take care, love you and good luck for footie this weekend x

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