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Turtle conservation was interesting, hard work but fun. Day1 we where in the hostel in Alajuela, we had dinner in the hostel then most of us crashed. Day2 we had orientation at the i-i offices, which was a really funny way to start the whole thing. we had this orientation video about how i-i helps you when u need help in the county and they had a worst case senario where a woman was talking about her experiences and how she found out she had a brain tumour, now it doesn´t sound funny but as soon as she said that the whole room burst out laughing. we couldn´t stop talking about that video the whole trip. After the meeting we where given the choice of doing different things around the town, so a few of us ... read more

After quite a bit of traveling, I decided to go back to Gandoca to volunteer for another 2 weeks with the Sea turtles. OK, so I got to the Park and as expected, nobody knew that I was coming. Just one sign of how isolated the Project Coordinators are. With no telephone or email, its always hard to reach the members in the Park, so updated volunteer lists are rare. Anyway, as I was the only volunteer from the CRLA, my school and “had” to stay at the station as students from that school pay a bit less than volunteers that sign up directly via Widecast or I-to-I. Oh by the way, don’t book a volunteer project with I-to-I, they will rip you off big time! OK, so the station is just a bit more basic ... read more

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Hola amigos!! OK, so I spent the last week in the park in Gandoca! Its been fun, but really exhausting as well! We arrived on Sunday noght and caused a little confusion, as we werent really expected, so there was no room for us at the station. By us I mean 3 other girls from the school and me, by the way. So, we had to move to the cabinas which are cared for by locals in the Park. Its quite comfortable here and we have got running water and electricity. Only problem is no phone, no Internet and no bus or anything.. It takes like 45 minutes to get to the Station by Taxi. We settled in quite well, although we had to move twice since we are here.. Students arriving and going and we ... read more
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