A (successful) first month of business, and a handful of happy tourists!

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January 29th 2007
Published: January 29th 2007
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Well, we are almost finished with our first month and things have gone well. Obviously we would have loved to have been full the entire month, but we did pretty well considering that we opened our doors less than 30 days ago. We have had 14 guests through the hotel and it seems that all have been thrilled with the results. (I will get some of the thank you notes up as soon as I get permission to release them.)
Its interesting running hotel, it’s far more work than we could have ever imagined. Rachel is up at 5:45 cooking for people before they leave for trips and sometimes cooking until 7pm, BUT we vastly prefer this life over the 9-5 grind. Whether or not people keep kosher everyone that has been here appreciates the breakfasts, and those people that have chosen to eat dinner here are thrilled to have a place to get a 4 course kosher dinner instead of the typical frozen meals that most of us have carried around the world!
It’s funny what people appreciate. We spent 3 months under construction and weeks designing and planning the decorating, but the #1 thing that people have complimented are the linens. We imported all of our linens (sheets and towels) from Macy’s and Fortunoff in the US since it’s impossible to get top quality stuff here. Almost every person that has been through has commented on the towels. I guess it’s good; it’s just interesting to us what people appreciate. (the nice towels were my mother in law’s idea, so I guess she was right - but I won’t tell her that to her face:-) )
My father spent the last week here and after saying repeatedly that he and my mother wanted to come down to take over the day-to-day operations of the inn, I think he has reneged on that offer. It seems that everyone has a hidden dream to open an inn, until they know what it entails.
We are loving working at this in-lieu of a working a full time office job, but I don’t know if I would want to do this when I am looking to retire.

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