Big city excitement

Published: July 13th 2011
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Yesterday started off reasonably well. Though my host mother and I had our recurrent conversation about how hitting the dog isn't teaching it anything only to be afraid of you. Its a wonder everyone ohhss and ahhs that I taught four dogs how to sit and stop barking you know to actually listen but they would rather believe that I have magic then that there is a science to this. At first the you have magic comments were funny now not so much.
Then I started my exercise class. There are two women who stand in the back marching but otherwise do nothing and it annoys the crap out of me. But I ignore them and we work our butts off. I clean up have lunch and head out to the bus stop. I am on the bus to Nicoya when the earthquake hits I don't feel a thing. We get to Nicoya later then usual and I take off running to the phone company office I dont know when they close but my luck its like 2 pm or something and its 154. Passing the Musmanni (a bakery) I see that there are trash bags blocking the sidewalk I hesitate but dont want to walk on the street so I step over them. One bag opens it's eyes and grabs my leg muttering and yelling while he holds on for dear life. I kick but he doesn't let go so I kick again this time hard enough to actually hit his torso. He lets go yelling in gibberish all the while and takes off down the street. The cashier comes out with a broom and chases him for a bit. I restart my heart and keep running to pay my bill which is ten bucks cheaper then I thought so happy dance.
I return home and find myself locked out I go to a neighbors house and show her some videos on my computer. My host family returns. So I head back watch a tv show and head off to see my novela. Afterward I come back and crash.
Bright and early the neighbor I visited knocks on my window. She has my thumb drive she doesn't know what it is but knows it must be mine. I then spend 30 mins trying to get toilet paper to light who knew it would be so hard. I then get a phone call the two women in my exercise class that never to anything want to quit they tell me the class is pointless and they are bored. I tell them that I understand and I let them off the hook hang up and another happy dance...
I next to research on hydroponics and growing ginger and garlic.
Next my class...
Now town meeting I will let u know if anyone comes...


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