Published: July 27th 2005
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walking on a hanging bridgewalking on a hanging bridgewalking on a hanging bridge

my mom took this photo of me
hi everyone. my mom is home safe and sound now. 2 days ago we went ziplining over the cloud forest and it was one of the best days of my life! my mom felt the same way. i can't even explain how it felt to be sailing through the air attached to a wire. i felt like superwoman. and it was so ridiculously beautiful! there was also a tarzan rope where i jumped off of a platform and went flying so far into the jungle. i wanted to do it over and over and over. we also did another hike through the rainforest and walked over the hanging bridges and went to a hummingbird garden and a frog pond. i was in heaven looking at all of the creatures.

now i am in a town called Tamarindo, which is a surf town on the pacific ocean side of the country. i love it here! at first, i was anxious because i was having a hard time finding a place to stay and ended up in this awful, chlosterphobic, yucky room. then i stumbled upon a really clean air-conditioned hostel with a huge community kitchen and couches and other imenities.
Kit zipliningKit zipliningKit ziplining

my mom overcame her fear of heights for this adventure
i ate the $15 dollars i spent on the crappy room and moved to that place, the Playa Tamarindo Hostel. it's only $10 a night. i'm sharing a room with 2 really fun girls. one is from England and she's also traveling alone, so we have been hanging out together. everyone is really cool. lots of cute surfers to look at. : )

yesterday i saw about 10 huge iguanas running around and i also saw what i'm guessing was a cougar or something walking near the hostile. i couldn't believe it!

today i might hike to another waterfall or rent a 4-wheeler. it's REALLY hot here--almost dibilitating, so i might just end up on the beach all day.

miss you all and i'll see you soon!!!


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Nikki zipliningNikki ziplining
Nikki ziplining

I felt like I should have been wearing a cape and tights
Erik and BraydenErik and Brayden
Erik and Brayden

good people
little ticolittle tico
little tico

this little guy hasn't had D.A.R.E. yet
Nikki & KatNikki & Kat
Nikki & Kat

Kat, my new partner in crime, is from England
Kat on the beachKat on the beach
Kat on the beach

it was so hot outside that the ocean felt like a hot tub

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