Rincon de la Vieja , Costa Rica


Still in Costa Rica, Guanacaste region. Apart from Santa Rosa national park I went before, the Rincon de la Vieja park, is the other must-visited park in the region for nature lovers.

Even in dry season, it has forests more humid than lower altitudes near the ocean, with very big trees like ceibas. It has a good network of trails. In the forest, you can see many types of birds, like the beautiful mot-mot, even some largers ones like the members of the guan family, and many medium sized rodents, like the agoutis. Don't forget the lizards!

Those who want adventure can go to climb the volcano, (check with visitor center first). Many volcanic features can be seen in the trails, like fumeroles, mud pots, etc...

Check here, waterhole boiling because of volcanic heat:

There are very popular waterfalls, places to relax. Next step, is a road trip to Nicoya's coast and shortcut through the mountains. 4X4 highly recommended!

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