La Paz is for lovers....


We left San Jose via Taxi headed for La Paz Waterfall after our quick little stay in Pangea. On our way out of the city, we caught a glimpse of a strip along the highway of the surreal looking rainbow eucalyptus trees: trees which naturally have strips of neon green, hot pink, dayglo orange (Susan, that term is for you) highlighter yellow, and bright blue on their trunks. I wasn´t quick enough with my camera to get a picture, but hopefully I will snag one before the trip's end...

We were also impressed by the craziness of the Costa Rican street vendors while leaving the city, who were the most literal of all street salesmen you ever did see. These guys stood smack dab in middle of the highway, not on a median mind you, but on the actual dotted passing lane lines, and calmly yelled to the passing cars the assortment of fruits and breads they were offering up for sale. Cars whizzed passed so closely that I swear I could see their t-shirts flutter from brushing against rear view mirrows. Yet neither drivers nor vendors seemed the least bit phased from the near dance with death. Just another day in San Jose I suppose.

My lord! Adios Mio! La Paz my be tricky to get to....up winding rocky roads made even trickier to navigate due to the destruction from the massive earthquake that shook the region two years ago.....but it is certainly worth the hassle. A place full of waterfalls and rescued animals and funky flowers, and the most spectacular hotel room ever.... what´s not to love? The pictures below were taken in the afternoon when we first arrived and were so tickled to be there that we were dancing and bouncing around like two kids in a mcdonalds playground ball pit. We darted around left and right up and down the trails until we were laughing at how amazing everything was surrounding us. More to come later after I settle down a bit and can write a proper blog.

Additional photos below
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Adorable three toed sloths!Adorable three toed sloths!
Adorable three toed sloths!

ohmygod I loved these guys. And they do move slower than you could ever imagine! It took one guy two full minutes to reach his arm out to grab a nearby branch.
margay buddiesmargay buddies
margay buddies

These guys are typically solitary animals, but they've been together so long that they now are practically inseperable. The girl is the oldest known margay in the world at 21 years old, and will be the second oldest after his 18th birthday in July.

3rd July 2010

Good for you darling ,what a fabulous adventure, Isnt GOD brilliant? to create such wonders, Love and hugs, Brenda
5th July 2010

Ohh sooo jealous! Sloths, toucans, waterfalls!!?? Looks awesome! And yes, the street vendors are insane. We were tempted with sunglasses in the middle of the freeway. Anyways...please tell me, were those the same trees that I posted on facebook with the crazy colors? If so, don't talk to me. I will be p.o.'d I missed them.
5th July 2010

Oh, and that was me, Molly, by the way :)

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