Published: September 22nd 2005EDIT THIS ENTRY

So I flew in last night. First I had a fairly long flight from Chicago to Puerto Rico. Everybody on the plane spoke spanish and I sat next to this abuela who was trying to ask me all these questions to which I tried to respond in broken spanglish. Everyone was very nice and they all treated each other like a big family. Then I connected to a prop plane in Puerto Rico that flew me to Beef Island. From there a taxi to Nanny Cay which is where I stayed last night. The taxi was crazy, the roads here are real narrow and the drive on the left side, but it is an american built car so the driver is on the left side too. Again I was with some spanish speaking people and I had to convey in broken spanglish the wishes of the driver which were to get these people a room at a hotel. I'm not sure that they had any idea what was going on. Anywho, I gotta go check out of my room and catch a taxi to Soper's Hole at the far west end of the island. That is where the boat it. Not sure what the plan for today is, I guess we all show up and load up and hang out.



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