Published: December 13th 2017
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Geo: 13.0935, -59.6105

Mum & I went for 2 weeks - which was one week too long as there's only so much to see on a tropical island full of honeymooners. But we had a good time considering, went all over the island, went on boat trips, went snorkelling to see some cool fishies, went to Mount Gay rum brewery, being 400m from the equator I got pretty sunburnt (where I discovered from a local aloe vera as a cure), read 'Love in a time of Cholera' (by Gabriel Garcia Marquez) whose tropical setting was appropriate, ate a lot of swordfish (as had no choice), got my hair plaited (all of it), went to catholic mass where the visitors have to stand up an idenify them selves - a bit embarrassing, went shopping in Bridgetown where I bought C his engagement pocket watch. It's the one place I ever dared leave my towel on the sun bed while I was away for more than an hour & what happens some American biatch sits on it i.e. doesn't even throw my towel off, sweaty cow. So how is it Germans get away with leaving their towels on the sun beds all over the world, eh?!
The boredom did lead us to take a 3 day trip to Tabago (as in Trindad & Tobago) which was lovely & in Ireland on the way home as we flying in & out of Shannon we stopped in Galway for Mum to meet C's parents for the 1st time in 5 years (seeing as we had finally decided to get married the following March).


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