day 3 and 4

Published: May 23rd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Day 3 we met the landlord for the first time named miss rowles who looked like she was from 'sister sister'. We then headed to the beach and the sun was beating down on us. The immature kids in the group nat and loz decide to do a twizzer on the sand, only for nat to let go of lozzas hands and for her to go flying into the sea. After 4 hours on the beach we head back to our apartment and Amelia resembled a lobster. sunstroke right there!! We later then walk to the supermarket, a 15 minute walk. The sun was out and nat couldnt look more like curly sue and loz looked liked a little jewish boy. blessed with the frizz. Arrived at the supermarket and loz stocked up on her peanut butter bars. Walking back home and the monsoon began, never been in heavier rain. Miss Rowles then drives past us partly shocked and partly laughin, people in cars were beeping and laughing at us. yeah.. we found it hilarious! Arrived home resembling drowned rats, lozza had overdosed herself on peanut butter bars and had a 3 hour cat nap. Amelia makes a marvellous dinner for everyone and we sit down and get giddy watching Americas best dance crew, kesha special!!

Day 4-woke up to find a cockroach on the floor, thinking it was dead but it wasnt, brave loz got rid of it outside. Later walked to paradise Island, climbed a mountained which Nat claims to look the same as mt kilimanjaro. went to anthonys grill and had badass yank burgers. Amelia later finds some lidocaine aftersun and slops it on her lobster skin. Took a boat tour around paradise island, fair to say that amelia fancied the pants off the tour guide and thought he smelt really nice. Before this trip we were warned not to go in the area of 'over the hill'. Being complete rebels we wanted to see what was over the hill and the only way to describe it was borats kazakhstan hometown. little boys smoking, locks for doors were padlocks, house windows were broke, it was crazy how deprived the area was compared to paradise island. With 55 murders in 4 months we thought it was a good idea to head back downtown, so went to a shoe shop to order a taxi home. Whilst waiting for the taxi, loz decided to try on some tranny kitten heels. cant take her anywhere. Went outside and a man asked to buy us all for three cans of Heinekann and a rum cake. Got home later, delia smith aka nat o'mara got her cook on, blasted bob marley, got the cards out and bottles of rum. jammin'


23rd May 2012

Ahhh sounds like use are having so much fun!!! i know it would be better if i was there too!!! amelia, you will always be my ginge, loz u will always be my clitaura, and nat, your forever my bang bang. i love you all loads xxx

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