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Arrival at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island was again early in the morning. We booked a Carnival shore excursion here that would include the Garden of the Groves botanical gardens and the Lucaya marketplace. Upon arriving at the gangway at 8:00 a.m., we discovered the weather had taken a turn. Nassau had been beautiful and sunny. It was now pouring rain at Freeport! Not to be discouraged, we grabbed jackets, disembarked, and assembled for the tour. Our excursion went off as planned despite the rain. (Aquatic and other excursions had been canceled.) But, as we learned, Grand Bahama is dependent on ample rainfall for drinking water. The tour bus took us along the main Queen's Highway through the industrial and commercial parts of Freeport. Past the tourist area of Port Lucaya the country opens up into ... read more
Waterfall at the Garden of the Groves
Lignum Vitae - Tree of Life
Sculpture Garden

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » Freeport December 29th 2009

Zoe and Maggie arrived slightly earlier than expected on Christmas night. The flight they had been booked on from Nassau to Freeport only had them as passengers, so they were bumped to an earlier more expensive flight and thus arrived at the Grand Bahama Yacht Club a bit early. We took the shuttle boat to Lucaya and viewed all the touristy area...I returned a dress that did not fit. Today ( Monday Dec.,28) we were treated to a wonderful tour of the island. This was a special treat since it took us to the places that tourists do not generally see. Sadly, there were lots of hurricane damaged areas with many homes sitting empty, boarded up and very forlorn looking. Tyrone ( our guide) explained how high the water had been from the storm surge. Even ... read more
small shark

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » Freeport December 24th 2009

Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays one and all. Although we have been under a large cold front here, we have done some exploring. We asked directions to the local shopping area that was not the tourist area. Directions given were go west....we did that walking for about five miles. We finally found a bus stop and took the bus. Our mission was to find a replacement for our bodum. The glass bit has broken, we are nearly out of filters for our single cup brewer!! Coffee is very important for our mornings. We found the recommended joy. It is an odd thing but no grocery store we have been in sells filters, the hardware sells regular coffee makers, but no filters ( either permanent or paper), and no percolators. Very odd indeed. surely people ... read more
palm trees in the sunset
white bird of paradise

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » Freeport December 19th 2009

We left West End and made our way further along Grand Bahama island to the Freeport area. We will be staying here over Christmas . The next few days promise to be quite windy so it is nice to be in another all round protected harbour. Yesterday we hunkered down in the large amounts of rain that fell. We took advantage of the free shuttle boat to go into the Port Lucaya market. There is a collection of colourful shops, restaurants, a straw market and arts and crafts market. It is an interesting place to visit, although if you look slightly interested outside of an open stall, the hard sell begins. It may take me a time or two to get used to that, I was looking for an item of clothing but did not purchase ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » Freeport December 16th 2009

Life in Ocean Reef - 2009 We are now safely tied to a slip in the “Ocean Reef” resort near the town of Lucaya on the south coast of Grand Bahama island. We crossed over from Lake Worth (Palm Beach) Florida on Monday the 30th of November. The trip across the Gulf Stream is always a bit exciting. The gulf stream is a river of water that is about 30 miles wide and moves from south to north at anywhere from 1.5 to 4.0 knots. Since we are moving from west to east it is necessary to cross this current to reach the Bahamas. We left Vero Beach and traveled down the ICW to get a little farther south before attempting our crossing. We spent the first night in a very picturesque place called “Manatee Pocket”. ... read more
Manatee Pocket
Ship Bringing Ychts to Palm Beach
Waiting for the Bus

Dimanche 29 Novembre Destination West end Grand Bahama Dring Dring 3hr am il faut se lever car nous levons l'ancre à 4hr am, pour la traversée au Bahamas . Nous avons 55 milles nautique à faire . Vents sud et mer calme d'un bleue presque violet . 6 am les premiers rayons de soliel apparaissent et nous avons un spectacle de couleur dans le ciel qui reflete sur la mer cela est spectaculaire. Plus tard dans la journée les dauphins jouent à l'etrave et les poissons volant font des bonds de plusieur pieds pour retourner dans les vagues. WOW j'adore ces instants qui touche le rêve que nous avons souhaités. Après le dîner ont pêche le thon ont souhaite, et bien les gros poissons ne sont pas au rendez vous . Nous arrivons à destination vers ... read more
Lake Worht to the Bahama 020
voici le premier dinghy volent
lever de soliel sur la mer vers 6 am

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » Freeport November 22nd 2009

Spending 6 winter months down south on the boat, and 6 summer months at home in Guelph seems to be working well, and so here we are looking forward to our 3rd winter of retirement on the boat. This summer our family grew again, with our second grandchild, Gavin Jeffrey Nicholson being born September 24th. As all of you know that have experienced being grandparents, another grandchild is an incredible experience, and so much joy to look forward to. This year I left earlier than Sharon for the boat, leaving October 13th, visiting our friends Ron and Jenny Huibers in Chalotte NC, and arriving at the boat October 14th. Sharon flew down a week later, giving her another week to help Dawn with Ella, and Gavin. We kept the boat again this summer in St.Marys Georgia. ... read more
Rudder Problem
Rudder Repair
Repaired Rudder ready to be put back on the boat.

Today’s blog has a special guest appearance: Chris, a fellow Canadian, and my current work partner in crime. He’s been doing his new hire training on the Conquest for the last few weeks and is moving with me to the Ecstasy where he will be running the younger teen program (Circle “C”). This blog is epic, so sit back . . . Bright and early yesterday morning, I signed off the Carnival Conquest to transfer to the Carnival Ecstasy. Chris and I knew it was going to be a long day - we were signing off at 6:30am, being shuttled to Houston to fly to Dallas to fly to Miami to fly to Freeport and based on the flight times we figured we would reach the ship around 10pm. The Ecstasy is currently in dry dock ... read more
Chris in Dallas, Before the Chaos Began
Wait, Where Are We On The List?

The sea is so blue on this cruise. I know it's because we are in deep water. I really like it though. It's one of those blues that sucks you in. Out of the corner of your eye it's almost black, and you only get the impression of blue, but it catches your eye and forces you to inspect it further. And, upon doing so, you realize that it's actually a kaleidoscope of the most beautiful blues you've ever seen. Mysterious. Sometimes dark. Sometimes light and constantly beautiful. I really want to jump into this water! But, if I did, how would I get back into the ship? That whole, "man overboard" concept seems like a bad idea. Consequently, so does the "stranded in the ocean" idea. But the water is so blue... and it calls ... read more

New pics: Hi, Everyone!! I hope this email finds everyone well. So, I'm currently still in the Bahamas finishing up my last semester of the "general sciences." I'm currently in the second half of my second year. This semester has been the best semester of all - we're doing physical exams and going into the hospital more and more. This is my last semester here in the Bahamas, and then it should be off to Miami in September. I cannot WAIT to move back to the states. The Bahamas have been nice, but I'm ready to leave this island life. Included you'll see a link with some new pics. Some of these pics are from the Bahamas, some from my and Tom's trip home over break, and then another album from our Dolphin Dive yesterday. ... read more

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