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Published: March 4th 2013
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Those darn cold fronts are still following us! The Bahamas are high enough in latitude to feel the effects of a strong cold front and the most recent one knocked the temperatures down about 20 degrees from earlier in the week. We had to dig out the long sleeves, long pants, socks and sleeping bags. Oh well, it’s still better than snow. (sorry)

Last Monday, during our exploratory walk in the morning, we stopped to chat with an employee of the resort who generously offered to take us out to the beach. We hopped on his golf cart and got a tour of the place as he made his security rounds. Sometimes it was hard to understand his accent over the noisy engine (carts here are gas, not electric), but I did learn that the owner/developers are from Miami and the resort is packed during summer holidays when vacationers from southern Florida come over in their motorboats. Good to know that there are people here sometimes!

After the tour, we began the golf cart rental negotiations. There are three outfits at the resort that rent the carts and we ended up going back and forth between two of them. Got a price that we were willing to pay for three days, hopped in our wheels and headed down to Alice Town, remembering to drive on the left side of the road. There are several shops catering to tourists, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and a killer bakery called A Taste of Heaven.

Later that day, we drove up to the beach for a while, then over to the infinity pool. I’m not much for pool swimming, but this was nothing like any pool I've been in – no chlorine smell, perfect temperature and incredible view. And we had it all to ourselves.

After putting a few miles on the golf cart Tuesday and Wednesday (runs to town and the beach) we turned it in on Thursday, just as the weather was changing. Friday and Saturday were quite cloudy, windy and cool, so we stayed on the boat most of the time. We ventured out yesterday to see how rough the ocean was and just stretch our legs. Decided to eat dinner at the bar. The hamburgers are very good here and the bartenders make a healthy drink! After dinner we took a detour into the game room and played air hockey, ping pong and foozball. Had a blast! We might not leave tomorrow after all….

Since we arrived in Bimini, we have been listening to Chris Parker on the SSB radio (it’s the marine version of HAM radio). He owns a marine forecasting company that one can subscribe to, but you can also listen for free if you have a good signal. While we currently have excellent, free internet and can check the weather at our leisure, that will change when we leave. So, to get ready for the next phase of our trip, every morning we practice tuning the SSB to the correct frequencies, and train our ears to the often fuzzy transmissions.

We do need to untie the dock lines if we want to visit Nassau and the Exuma island chain before we have to come home. Right now, Monday, Tuesday or Thursday are possibilities - there’s another strong front cruising through the area on Wednesday. Once we leave Bimini Bay Marina, I’m not sure how often I will be able to update the blog – as I mentioned, we’re venturing into the land of sparse or expensive internet! OMG! Instead, I may send
The Compleat AnglerThe Compleat AnglerThe Compleat Angler

What's left after the fire. Hemingway used to hang out here. (and Jon ate here 18 years ago)
short updates using our SSB email account. Don’t be surprised if you get mail from an address that ends with “”. It will be from us. Please don’t reply to that email as we are limited in its use; use the gmail or cornell account which we always check when we can get wifi.

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Brown's MarinaBrown's Marina
Brown's Marina

Bob, first one is Brown's, the one sticking out is Big Game.
Our wheelsOur wheels
Our wheels

and my driver

Boat on the rocks

Infinity pool visitorInfinity pool visitor
Infinity pool visitor

Came for a drink, stayed about an hour.
Swimming BeachSwimming Beach
Swimming Beach

Empty today - too cool and windy
Resort centralResort central
Resort central

Reception, shops, coffee shop, bar and game room on either side of path.
Dock GrowthDock Growth
Dock Growth

No need to go snorkeling here - just lean over the edge of the docks.

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