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September 20th 2021
Published: September 21st 2021
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Monday already?

Time to hit the ocean to see turtles before the Jolly Roger type boats arrive. When we arrived at Boca Catalina at 8:15, there was just one local bouncing gently in the sandy entrance – Edwin – we recognized him for many visits and chatted briefly. Just 3 turtles this time before we headed into shallower waters. We spent another 1.5 hours in watery bliss meeting old friends and taking photos for you. Still hunting for the elusive octopus but found 2 more eels, which are always fun, and a lovely large Blue-spotted Cornetfish. David spied a peacock flounder scooting across the bottom, adapting his colors accordingly.

After downloading lots of snorkeling suggestions to a family from New York, we headed off to Linda’s for the absolutely best Dutch pancakes and made pigs of ourselves. Who knows what will happen to our tummies after months avoiding flour and sugar but it will be worth it. Saw old friend Mary Jane the waitress, and a new friend Sandra, who was very keen to hear some tips to encourage her 3 year old marriage. She’s read the Love Languages book, which we discussed, and we extolled the value of pointing out to the other something one values in their character every day. The topic had come up because Mary Jane awarded us with an anniversary mug (Linda’s is 20, and just expanded to another width in its outdoor eating area) and we said it was to mark our 50th. (OK OK so we are celebrating all year).

We went out with the big lens to find some birds, and got the usual white egrets, terns, and even a tri-color heron. But the catches of the day: a kestrel AND, wait for it a BURROWING OWL at his own burrow!!!! David got a great photo of that.

We met a fascinating local, Enrique, with 2 buckets full of octopuses – guess that’s why we haven’t seen any ☹ He goes out every morning and sells them to restaurants. No, he said, he doesn’t eat them or virtually any fish!

After birding we were off to see how the sea looked at Mangel Halto on the south side of the island, stopping for an iced coffee at Huchada of course. We were hoping to buy fish at Zee Rovers. We were shocked to find them completely closed (before only the kitchen was closed on Mondays), so we will go back down tomorrow morning. So, what for dinner? We did a carry out from a new place, a Surinamese fusion – had the combo platter to share and enough for another day.

And it became of bit of a celebration, because when we were in the room recuperating before our next adventures, a knock came to the door – a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to mark our 50th.

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