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Ron Donaldson

Mature male, keen traveler on an extended SKI adventure.

Rio, was good, very good; just as well as this (7 days) is the longest we have ever stayed in any one place. We were a little worried at sharing a room in a large apartment with the owner along with the comings an goings of relatives and friends etc. but need not have been; we were made very welcome and very much left to ourselves to come and go as we pleased. There are certainly some fringe benefits from living with a local; you get the good oil on what´s good and not, where to go and not. The location was ideal; (Aproador) squeezed between Copacabana and Ipanema we were spoilt for choice with beaches although they still can´t top those in Aus. We arrived on a weekend with 30+ temps and the beaches very ... read more

The 17 hour bus trip from Buenos Aires to Iguazu was somewhat daunting but turned out to be most pleasurable travelling full carma. Our apartment at Iguazu was good with the receptionist girls more than a little patient with my spanlish. This apartment was a far cry from our one night Eco lodge accommodation in the jungle on the Brazil side near the falls. The backpacker company over dinner was good but Leisa was not at all impressed; - the yellow fever top-up injections may have been worth while after all. I was relieved, impressed even, that our taxi found the place and arrived on time at 4:30am in the morning for us to catch our early am flight to Rio. Of the falls I considered the Argentine side the best having many more vantage points ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca April 26th 2013

Another 600 metres or so higher than Cusco, altitude sickness again dogs Lesia but to a lesser extent. Top front seats in the bus afforded great views of the Andes country side and Lake Titicaca on arrival to Puno. Our fast boat tour of the lake and Uros floating reed islands was good; very touristy but good. The native people there reminded us strongly of the Hammong (mountain people of North Vietnam around Sapa. I found the history and construction of the floating reed islands fascinating. A trek across one of the Islands (yes there were lots of steps) and a locally prepared lunch also featured to round out the tour out. A 9.30pm overnight sleeper bus return to Cusco completed a very long day. A life saver was our Puno Hotel lodging who allowed us ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu April 25th 2013

Best intentions of getting up early to catch the first sun rays on Matchu Picchu did not eventuate; the body was not responding after the prior days trek. The legs were surprisingly good when I finally got going. Attached photos describe the day in which the weather continued to behave.... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Aguas Calientes April 24th 2013

We over-nighted at Aguas Calientes which I understand to be Hot Water - a bit of a mis-nomer as this turned out to be in short supply at our lodging; definity not what I was looking forward to at the end of our trek - we slept very soundly non the less. Hard to believe no Hot Water with the amount of hydro electricity in the area. Interesting place with a train line and frequent service running right through the centre of the town. A fleet of buses seemingly run non stop ferrying passengers to and from Matchu Picchu over a narrow gravel switch-back track.... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail April 24th 2013

Our one day Inca trek covered the last day of the normal 4 day Inca trek. The day began with a taxi, a bus and a train to km104 (about 12km from Matchu Picchu) where we began our trek. After an hour I begin to question the decision to leave a perfectly good train for what is turning out to be torturous; - definitely a trek for young legs. Nearing the top set of the Inca Ruins starcase my legs seize up with cramp. - not good. A quick massage and pat on the back and it´s onward and upward until finally we reach the Sun Gate - all downhill from here. I was very concious in keeping my pack light and started out with 1.5 litres of water that quickly became 3; - half from ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco April 22nd 2013

Despite preparing with altitude sickness tablets Lesia was unwell puting our Matchu Picchu trek in jeopardy. With Lesia laid-up for a day I scouted the town to finalise our trek, procure onward bus tickets to Puno and organise some local currency. The city of Cusco has many very narrow cobbled streets which are heavily congested. The road rules as far as I can discern are, keep to the right and protect yourself at all times. The main city square (Plaza de Armes) features the Cathedral and the Compania de Jesus among other things. After our pre trek de-brief, couldn´t pass up dinner at Jacks.... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea September 15th 2012

Toured the cıty and Bosphorus takıng ın hopefully most of the maın attractıons. Small hotel (Tulıp) ın the old town of Istanbul ıs very comfortable wıth welcomıng staff that make you feel at home - great to come back to at the end of each tourıng day. There must be some more road rules apart from drıve on the rıght but they are not obvıous. Peak hour traffıc ıs often ın grıd lock and the way the buses negotiate the tıght cıty streets ıs nothıng short of ıncredıble yet there ıs a hıgh level of tolerance - no excessıve horn tootıng or road rage. Pedestrıans don't obey the walk/don't walk sıgnals and vehıcles seem choose to pull over/stop/park as they please. Got well and truly lost in the Grand Bazaar and the outside alleys when we ... read more
Sopia Hagia

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean September 10th 2012

Stayed at an Otterman themed hotel - very nıce - staff couldn't do enough or be more accommodatıve. Took ın a half day guıded tour of Troy and Gallıpollı - both good. There ıs somethıng reverent about Gallıpollı - couldn't help but be a lıttle moved. The 5.5 hour bus trıp back to Istanbul was very tyrıng although I dıscovered that Elvıs ıs alıve and lıvıng ın Turkey. Must be from the phone calls people were takıng on the bus and all the Ah huh - Ah huh's goıng on.... read more

Europe » Greece » North Aegean September 7th 2012

Another day another Greek ısland. Weather stıll beautıful although a wınd has sprung up whıch seems to strengthen the further we move north. The ıslands and headlands on both sıdes of the Aegean are lıttered wıth fortresses suggestıng a great deal of past unrest among the natıves - probably not much dıfferent to the world today when I thınk of ıt. Dıdn't stay long enough to really apprecıate but on a quıck drıve around Lesvos found ıt very pıcturesques -but the beaches stıll rocky. Couldn't help but notıce that the most common taxıs ın a lot of the Greek ıslands vısıted were nıce mercedes sedans - far cry from the lıttle vans used ın Turkey. The Blue Star ferry (Patmos) from Chıos to Lesvos was very nıce - looked lıke a faırly new boat and really ... read more
Blue Star

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