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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg May 20th 2015

Waking to a blue, sunny sky we went downstairs in our hotel to enjoy yet another wonderful European breakfast. Eating our fill, we then set off to explore the beautiful medieval town of Bamberg, a timeless place of timber frame houses, cobblestone streets, Gasthauses, and Biergartens! Bamberg is located over 7 hills, each topped with a church and it is one of the few towns in German that survived the war with little damage. Walking along the Regnitz River, we got our first glimpse of "Little Venice" as it is known, where the houses are built in the water. The beautiful houses seem to lean against one another for support and actually many WERE leaning! Next we headed up the stairs to the great cathedral which was built in 1015, destroyed by an earthquake, re-built and ... read more
Bamberg Cathedral
Rose Garten
Kloster St. Michael

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen May 17th 2015

After the16 minute train ride from Salzburg to Freilassing, Germany we stopped in the train station to book our trains to Paris and to cover up our bags to protect them from the rain. We then found our way to the car rental spot and were soon on our way to Füssen down the Romanischstraße (Romantic Road) which goes from Würzberg to Füssen.Although it was grey skies and drizzling, we still were enamoured with this beautiful drive through numerous small towns set between green hills and valleys. Stopping at one small Gasthaus, we enjoyed delicious soup. The flavour was so rich and flavourful but I must say the portions of meat kind of resembled small brains! We soon headed out where we finally came to the road leading to Füssen. As we approached, could see the ... read more
Benedictine Monastery
Linderhof Palace

Europe » Austria » Salzburg May 15th 2015

Not only are the hills alive with the sound of music but the streets, restaurants, churches and squares are teeming with the melodious sounds of choirs singing and orchestras playing! We arrived to Salzburg via train and literally dumped off our bags, bought our "Salzburg Card" and headed off to see the sights in this beautiful town that boasts being the birthplace of Mozart as well as the the setting for some of the scenes from "The Sound of Music". Feel like we should be donning lederhosen, dirndl, and an apron and bursting out in, "My Favourite Things" or "Edelweiss". What a wonderful experience to be in the town where the history of this Oscar winning movie has its roots! Our first stop was to the Mirabell Gardens. This whimsical garden begins simply, lots of trees ... read more
Mozart's Birthplace
Hohensalzburg Fortress
Unterberg Mountain

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 13th 2015

Leaving our apartment in Budapest laden like two pack mules, we made our way to the train station where we boarded a lovely Railjet bound for Vienna. Once we arrived we found using the Metro System to be a piece of cake, or maybe I should stay "Strudel"! We exited the Metro station and found ourselves in the most beautiful city. Lovely shaded biking and walking paths formed the median between lanes of traffic while exquisitely grand buildings lined the streets. We made it to our Pension only to find that we couldn't get in until 4:00 and it was only 2:00. Curtis went off in search of a bank machine while I guarded the bags, people watching from the bench. We then enjoyed a nice light lunch before heading back at 4. We buzzed and ... read more
St. Stephan's Cathedral
Schönbrunn Palace
Wisteria Lane

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 10th 2015

Two things that most often come into play throughout our travelling have been the different currencies and languages we have encountered. As with all travel there is always a financial concern. Will we have enough money? What can we do to save money? Then factor in the exchange rates on various currencies combined with bank fees. Next we have to do a lot of calculating before spending so we know how much it is going to set us back. Most of the time we have been dealing in euros but Croatia, Turkey, and Hungary all use their own currencies. Of all the countries we have visited, we have found Hungary to be the most inexpensive. They use a currency called "Forints" which comes in a variety of denominations. Tricky to get your head around, but we ... read more
St. Matthias Church
Fisherman's Bastien
Varosliget Park

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 9th 2015

Leaving Turkey left us with a mixture of emotions and a sense of sadness. This gentle country, with it's array of breathtaking landscapes, gorgeous mosques, the call to prayer that echoes out 5 times a day, little old Turkish men sitting around with their backgammon boards, hijab/ harem clad old women weeding fields by hand under the hot sun, and the overall gentle nature of this country are memories we will forever treasure. We had arranged to take a shuttle from Selcuk to Izmir Airport. Our meeting place was just past the hospital by a parkette. We were to be there by 10:30 as the shuttle was to arrive anywhere between 10:30 and 10:45. So we said our good-byes to the staff at Hotel Bella and began our walk to the stop. Arriving just after 10, ... read more
The Tower of St. Stephen
Holy Right Hand
Chain Bridge

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk May 7th 2015

Our beautiful Hotel Bella is a true gem! It's facade is a sea of brilliant green vines while the interior is decorated with true Turkish flair - Ottoman furniture, carpets on the floor and walls, glittering mosaic lamps and gorgeous ceramics. We have a small balcony where we overlook the ruins of St. John's Basilica. We have the best sign in our bathroom though. It reads, "Welcome to the ancient city of Selçuk. Please do not 'flash' anything down the toilet"! Try as we might, I think the toilet water has been flashed once or twice:) After unpacking, we went upstairs to the gorgeous terrace area to meet with Erdal, one of the owners. He explained things we could see, excursions we could take, as well as giving us some history about Selçuk. Just off this ... read more
Celsus Library
Grand Theatre
Makıng Gözleme

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya May 4th 2015

After short flights, we arrived in Antalya, a beautiful city situated on the Turquoise Coast. We exited the airport and searched for our name being held by one of the several shuttle drivers. Hmmm. No luck. We waited and kept looking as new drivers arrived. Still no sign bearing our name. Not quite sure what to, do one of the shuttle drivers noticed us and asked where we were staying. He immediately called our Pansiyon and within about 5 minutes a driver was calling out to us. We followed him and soon piled our bags into a taxi. Antalya is a huge, modern city. The drive took about 30 minutes and then we entered Kaleici, the old town of Antalya. Here the streets narrowed to cobblestone lanes. Our driver was a little unsure of where our ... read more
Hidrilik Tower
Our Pansiyon Courtyard
Our Pirate Cruise Ship

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia May 1st 2015

After our ballooning, hiking, and then Curtis' makeover the rest of our time in the beautiful town of Goreme was spent renting a scooter for the day on Wednesday and travelling around the countryside. I am pretty sure my newly madeover husband imagined he was driving a Harley but with two of us on board it was hard to get it up to 60km, even going downhill!! We first visited the town of Uchisar where we climbed up the stairs of the huge castle built into the rock. Uchisar is the highest point in Cappodocia. There are many rooms in the rock connected by stairs and tunnels. The panoramic view was amazing as we gazed down upon the land far below. Next we climbed on our little white scooter and headed to Ortahisar. This is a ... read more
Steel Steps Up

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia April 29th 2015

Our shuttle picked us shortly after 10:30 on Sunday morning and our trip to Ataturk Airport took forever!! We couldn't figure out why we had to keep taking the tiniest of backstreets. We soon found out the reason...the Istanbul Marathon was on! Another race in another beautiful place!!! As we pulled up to the airport we were hardly prepared for the congestion. First of all you can't even enter the main part of the airport until all your luggage is put through the scanner. So we joined the infinite line. Getting to the front, piled our bags on, emptied or pockets and finally got into the massive airport. Little did we know that we had entered through the international departures area and we were soon running to find the domestic departures. After going down escalators and ... read more
Views from Above
Just Floating Around
Time to Celebrate

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