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12th October 2021

nice write up
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18th September 2021

Interesting waypoint near Alto
This is so interesting. I had never heard of this place in East Texas before, and it’s so close to Alto too. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes and keep exploring!
20th August 2021

good content
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8th August 2021

Cool place
So glad you are seeing and enjoying some of America's treasures. Thanks for sharing. All the Best!!
8th August 2021

Crazy Jug Point
I am finishing my last years blogs. Best wishes to you and Jesse.
22nd July 2021

National Forest road 110
I live and work in Canjilon NM for the Forest Service. We get daily News clips from the Forest Service, and todays first entry was this: "Dispersed Camping on the Carson National Forest road 110 Canjilon New Mexico As I drove East on Carson NF road 110 the dirt road got very bumpy and I had to drive slow. I drove slow so as not to damage my old truck. I drove... Source TravelBlog - Jul 22, 2021". Of course this peaked my interest, but when I clicked on the link, I received the "Page not Found", error code 404 message. I then proceeded to do an internet search to see if I could find a way around the error. In so doing, I found your blog page and thought I'd see if I could get the story "straight from the horses mouth." I'm hoping that it won't be removed for good. I enjoyed reading some of your other entries while I was here. Thanks!
22nd July 2021

Dispersed Camping in the Carson NF
First I want to thank the National Forest Service for their camping availability to the public. Since this error happened before, I made certain that I did include the "missing" location using Taos, NM as the required location. Once again I used the "contact us" to ask for assistance from and did not receive a reply. I do want others to enjoy the USFS. I am going to submit another replacement blog on FS 110, and a new blog on a great camping experience I had in 2020 in the Carson NF by New Mexico Hwy 518. The USFS is our tax money well spent.
5th July 2021
Rusk State Hospital

Amazing post all around
but these pictures of the inside of Rusk are especially valuable to me. It's interesting that they made a corner stone with the East Texas State name: I found that name in an add for GE industrial stoves, where they highlight institutions that use their products--in 1960! But official TX documents pretty much drop the name by 1923. If you have any more interior shots, I'd love to see them. In any event, thanks for posting this.
6th July 2021
Rusk State Hospital

Rusk State Penitentiary
Thanks for your comment. This large building was one of the three original buildings built in the 1880s. It was demolished a few months later.
9th February 2021

My family owns the land next to the pavilion on the left where you took the photo of structure. Lot of memories and stories past down from generation to generation. Thank you Melissa Lilley
11th February 2021

Thanks Melissa, I did not know that Barsola existed, and I was looking for other old towns in Southern Cherokee County when I found the sign.
31st January 2021

Lovely home
Your home and homestead looks very nice as peaceful hidden gem.
31st January 2021

RIP Diamond
RIP Diamond
31st January 2021

Great blog
Thank you, Walter for sharing your unique view on your hometown and contribute to its wider recognition. Your travel style and experience is interesting to read about it. Long live and travel, my brother! I hope inspiration for writing will be always be your companion. Greetings from Europe!
1st February 2021

thanks Sandra
I love living here. I will travel more in the springtime. Around July when my garden is done I will return to the four corner states.
16th October 2020

Very interesting. I did not know about this cemetery at all. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.
23rd October 2020

Shiloh Methodist Church
Thanks Morgan. As you know, Texas and the rest of the USA has many old towns that are long gone now.
27th August 2020
rainfall from Hurricane Laura

He has my vote
I'm voting for President Trump . Just like I did The first time he ran for President
31st August 2020
rainfall from Hurricane Laura

Nancy, We all have the right to vote. It is OK to disagree.
3rd August 2020

I am so sorry to see this! I hope the repair shop can work a miracle!
17th August 2020

thanks doc
Old Blue is fixed but my last great travel adventure will be in "New White" with four wheel drive.
3rd August 2020

Old Blue
Thanks for your concern. If truck can be fixed for $1000.00 USD, she will be back on the road for any driving under 200 KM from home.
3rd August 2020

Virtual tour to San Augustin
In thus blog with relevant photos you succeed in presented a charming town. I am a bit a history buff too so I enjoy in timeline presentation and I am sad that we have only few historic marker but different kind. For photo regard - good idea about window reflection of yourself.
3rd August 2020

San Augustine, Texas
Thanks Sandra, a wonderful historic place in the short history of the Republic of Texas. I hope soon to have more from same shoot on new blog.

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