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7th January 2020

Great blog
Nice place! I am glad you visit your family and you had a positive impression of the Balkans.
10th January 2020

Rakov Potok, Hrvatska
Thanks Sandra. That was a "once in a lifetime" chance for me and it was wonderful.
6th January 2020

OUB Bell
Very nice work describing a building with such a long and diverse history! As with many stories and traditions that begin with observations and pondering, the story about the bell in the cupola of the OUB is not exactly true. During maintenance, the workers who climbed up into the place where the bell is housed were able to get a clear view of the markings on the bell. It is marked "Henry N. Hooper." Hooper was an apprentice of Paul Revere in Boston and is best known for his work making lighting fixtures. Some of his work is now in the Met. I'd love to see that! Interestingly, there are no records in the OUB collection that explain how this bell got to Nacogdoches or who purchased it. The timing of the building's construction and Hooper's work line up, and we know several businessmen in the area gave money for the land and for the building. Even though the bell was not made by the same company that cast the Liberty Bell, the Old University Building's bell has a connection even a little closer to home and offers a great opportunity to see (and hear!) some wonderful artistry - they'll let you ring the bell!
10th January 2020

Old Nac Univ Bld bell
Thanks Morgan for the interesting history lesson on the bell. This is special to me coming from a professional Texas historian.
6th January 2020

Love this charming zoo!
A trip to the Ellen Trout Zoo is always a wonderful experience! Loved hearing your story about feeding the hippos!
8th January 2020

Ellen Trout Zoo
Thanks Morgan, the zoo is a very good visit.
6th November 2019

Hi, I'm on here now! -Morgan
20th October 2019

Definitely NOT A Sherman tank
That is a M-103 heavy tank, twice the size of a Sherman and rather rare.
21st October 2019

John, According to my favorite site (Wikipedia) I think you are right. I am taking the M-103 pic to Pioneer Park to make certain cuz the two tanks look alike to me. If certain I will change my blog for correction. Thanks
21st October 2019

Sherman tank
I respectively disagree, but I am not an expert on that. Ok comment from you. I thought we did not have a heavy tank at that time. I will check the internet on that.
24th September 2018

Great pics
Loved you travel story...and the pics are fabulous!
25th June 2018

I like parks! This is a very nice park. Is this the central park or the biggest park in the town?
25th June 2018

Not in town center
Pioneer Park is on the South side of town.
25th June 2018

Welcome to the Travelblog!
I am happy to read a new blog from you about your town!
10th July 2018

I am happy to be here.
25th June 2018

Thanks for comments and happy to see you on this site.

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