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2nd August 2012

about raising the standard of \"speech.\" Great insight Adrienne. Especially with how to respond to business and misrepresentation.
2nd August 2012

thanks for reminding me
It sure seems like we have a good deal of pent up frustration - like we're realizing that throwing our two cents into the bottomless well of internet posturing and arguing doesn't seem to be doing anything but have forgotten that we don't need a global corporation or billion dollar trust fund to exercise our free speech. And by we, I mean me. Thanks for reminding me that it is a beautiful thing to be able to say what I think in a productive way without fear or anonymity. Thanks for sharing this, and it's time for me to get up from this keyboard and go do it :)
5th June 2012

Burundi Tourism
Check our link for more information Welcome sana
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4th June 2012
Un Coca, s'il vous plaît?

Goud publicity picture
I' agreing with this picture
3rd February 2012

Fascinating blog
Your research certainly takes you to some interesting places in Burundi! It is refreshing to read about a country rarely visited by bloggers. Thanks for sharing and please keep blogging!
From Blog: The Blog is Back
16th June 2011

Thank you!
Hi, wow - that is great to hear! Let's be in touch about the research, definitely. Glad you are enjoying reading the blog.... I'll try my best to keep posting!
16th June 2011

Full marks for your blog!
Hey As a Burundian I found your blog very funny and extremely accurate. The open attitude with which you embarked on your Burundian venture is very commendable and it will make life easier. I would like to know a bit more about your research and maybe contribute if I can. As you said, the politics of that country are very complex and different groups of people see it differently based on many factors. A bit about me: Born and raised in Buja, studied in the UK at the University of Sheffield and currently working in the UK. I'm interested in African politics and democratic progress on the African continent in general and in Rwanda and Burundi in particular. Cheers
16th June 2011

You look plenty slim, haha. This was a good read. Good luck in your continuing research!
7th June 2011

Amazing Work! an amazing place, Di! You're in our hearts and thoughts. Be safe! We love you!
3rd June 2011

You did it! I'm so proud :) I enjoyed reading it...keep up the good work lol. My favorite line: "this is not the place to bring to bring sexy back."
3rd June 2011

Hey, Adrienne! It's kinda unbelievable to read this - it feels like you were here in Providence just yesterday. It was definitely interesting to read this first post from the trip - so keep it up! Write more - and you're guaranteed at least 1 regular and committed reader :) Good luck with the beginning of your research! Hugs.
13th July 2007

I'm so proud of you!
13th July 2007

making a difference
Adn, It is absolutely wonderful to hear from you! The work you are doing is so important and it sounds like you are truly making a difference over there. Without someone to document the stories, they will never be heard outside of the 13 year old walls. I can't tell you how proud of you we all are! I miss you and can't wait to hear about everything when you get back! -Kiley
13th July 2007

Nice to hear from you! Hope all is well in Rwanda! Love, Anthony

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