Olivia Newman


Olivia Newman

Next year I plan on travelling around the world. Here are my adventures so far...

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province June 22nd 2015

Sunny Beach - a new tourist attraction for Brits looking to get drunk on 80p a pint. However, despite its new found strip, with a vague resemblance to its predecessor Shagaluf, Sunny Beach remains untouched by the stain of drunken youth culture that scarred Spain and Greece. I met a German woman in Hollister (the club, not a clothing store which I originally thought), who was shocked when I told her I was from England; she explained that it wasn't really an English destination. We stayed in the Wela hotel, which was really pleasant. The pool was big, the rooms were lovely and the staff were helpful. I highly recommend the Off Road Adventure. We had a guide called Ivan who was brilliant. He said we could call him 'Papa' and honestly, he made the excursion ... read more

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