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27th June 2015
Resort Life

23rd June 2015
Another view of the packed Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas
What a fantastic view of Cusco during Corpus Christi. The Spanish conquistadors would have been proud!
29th June 2012
Dinner buy Lantern

I am sorry your trip is coming to an end.
I have lived vicariously through your trip each day looking forward to a new entry. I will have to look for a new source of adventure.
From Blog: Safari, Day 3
22nd June 2012
Waves crashing at the Cape

Great pictures
It is such fun to share this trip with you..we dive in over coffee each morning and enjoy the text as much as the pictures. We are finding the scenery spectacular. Do you plan all your own itinerary? Thank you
21st June 2012
Lunch & Million Dollar Views

OMG Kingclip!!!
I miss it so much! :)
20th June 2012

This is great!
I'm so pleased about all the upgrades! Matt will be so proud of you! :)
19th June 2012
Pattern Extravaganza

Got a real chuckle out of colonel sanders. Looks like you are having fun. Keep blogs coming. Mom
12th July 2011

Water Fountains
Great article with excellent idea! I appreciate your post. Thanks so much and let keep on sharing your stuffs shares my favorite sites.
30th June 2011
Pig's feet in the Great Market Hall

That's it!
I *knew* the Ferry Building was missing something...
29th June 2011
Andrew wants to buy duck food

What a tease! Hence the sad face... :)
16th July 2010
Offscale Suite

That place is so *very* Greek! If it were Greek-American, all the furniture would be covered with protective plastic. :)
13th July 2010

Greeks don't drink water. Have some Ouzo! :)
From Blog: Delphi
13th July 2010

Yes - dinner at 10 PM!! AWESOME. I love the Mediterranean; I don't think we had dinner before 9 the entire time we were in Greece. Looks like you are having a fabulous time!
10th July 2010

These are awesome! FYI the cat situation will continue in the Greek Islands - I must have taken about a thousand pictures of kitties when I was there. They sleep in these little piles in the sun and it's quite possibly the cutest thing EVER. :) I'm pleased to see the enemy is treating you well. Feh!
From Blog: Istanbul
7th July 2010

Istanbul -- lucky you. What made you decide on this destination? Enjoy. Love, Beth
From Blog: Hampton Court
7th July 2010

Enjoying your pictures and commentary, keep em coming Mom
From Blog: Hampton Court
7th July 2010
Garden goof

Haha, Andrew. Fighting exhaustion and finding fun.
From Blog: Hampton Court
7th July 2010

Nice start!
Sounds like you're off to a running start! I can't wait to see pics from the homeland!
From Blog: Arrival
1st August 2009

Welcome Back
John, Just read about your travels. About to embark with my wife and two boys, 17 and 15, on a similar itinerary. So glad to read about your children's delights along the way (my younger boy is also looking forward to Big Ben and Eiffel Tower). Thanks for the reporting.
From Blog: Home!
23rd July 2009

I am going to miss getting pictures of your adventures abroad. All good things must end sometime. Ibet I never told you that Emily had a baby boy, Jacob, on July 12
21st July 2009

Still enjoying your trip. So glad you were able to set this up.
21st July 2009

What are the Spanish steps?
From Blog: Colosseum
20th July 2009

That last part made me laugh out loud! Go JJ!
20th July 2009

New blog entries
No internet connection in Rome. We're working on catching up on the entries since Venice

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