Thomas Russell


Thomas Russell

My university lets students spend a year studying abroad, my failure at learning languages and coping with the cold led me to australia, I can only hope my ability to blog on a regular basis will not fail also.
Hoping to do a fair bit of exploring while I'm here, hopefully avoiding snakes/spiders/sharks/jellyfish as much as possible.
If I can keep this blog updated on a half regular basis with some vaguely interesting material, I'll consider my year a great success.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City July 21st 2011

Well, I made it into Perth from Singapore without any major issues, and when I got the bus in from the airport I went straight to the hostel that we'd booked and met up with Will. The 15 degree winter weather in Perth was definitely welcome after feeling close to death after walking anywhere in Singapore. Due to being really tired from the active few days we had in Singapore (we must have walked at least 20 miles there, fml) and the flight I just spent the weekend doing pretty much nothing (I have found this to be my god-given talent). However, I did manage to gather enough energy to make the five minute walk to the local pub, where I was excited beyond belief when I found that not only does Australia serve cider in ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Little India July 14th 2011

So, it was finally time for me to pack my bags and get ready to go.... and it turns out getting a years worth of stuff into bags when there is a 30kg weight restriction is not easy to say the very least. After getting lost on the way to Heathrow and saying goodbye to the family (and Valdez) we set off on the long and boring flight to Singapore. The 30-something degree heat and ~90% humidity definitley hit us when we started to wander round, I was almost dying after about 10 minutes. Anyway, the area where our hostel was was called Little India, an where Singapore's Indian community live (no shit). It was nice just to spend the afternoon wandering round, where we found a couple of Hindu temples (which we made to look ... read more
Little India Temples
MacRitchie Reservoir Rainforest

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