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30th November 2016

Glad you are all back home safely from the Shaky Isles. Nothing like your own bed - that's the idea of a holiday. Lots to talk about when you settle back in. Love Gaz & Kung
From Blog: Heading home
30th November 2016

Yep !!!
From Blog: Off to Hobbiton
28th November 2016

Is that where the Hobbits live??????
From Blog: Off to Hobbiton
27th November 2016

if you had told me u were at Devonport I would v come visit lol lov the relaxed face Kate lol xxxxxxx
24th November 2016

loopi loopin lady lovyas xxxxxx
23rd November 2016

AMAZIN PIC!!!! keep up the practice you could be good lol xxxxx
21st November 2016

hey MOO!!!! they not feeding you???? xxxxx
20th November 2016

so beautiful, so jealous xx
16th November 2016

Hope ur keeping ur wellies near at hand lol xx
14th November 2016

Hope you two are OK? No need to find the earthquake museum, its coming to you!Take care Gaz
14th November 2016

Glad to know you are Ok and far enough away from it, keep on trucking!Enjoy it. Best wishes.Gaz
14th November 2016

HA HA !!!!!!! Go boy x
13th November 2016

u know I hate you, you don't have to rub it in lol xxxxxxx
16th June 2016

glad ur home safe lovyas xxxx xxx
From Blog: Home Again
14th June 2016

WOW beautiful xx
14th June 2016

feking hilarious,,,, u an angel,,,, lol lol xxxx lov u xxxx
13th June 2016

Wow we could have continued down Thai Route 406 and waved to you!
7th June 2016

Oh so jealous! Enjoy xx
6th June 2016

Beautiful photos there it looks great. We were just up the road in Phuket a week ago on a 3700 Klm drive around Thailand. Hope you have a wonderful time. Gaz
25th June 2015

So beautiful x
17th June 2015

You guys! Sick in Rome. Its a wonder just the excitement didn't keep you going? Hope you get better soon any way. If you get the chance try and get to the tower on top of the Vatican. There is a lift to the roof then its a weird climb up st
airs which tilt over as you go higher in to the dome until the last ten feet is a ladder but it is a fantastic view of the city and the Popes back yard. I went there on two successive days. I just walked and walked gobsmacked for three days when I was there supposed to be resting before work. Enjoy enjoy!Gaz
From Blog: Viva la Roma
13th June 2015

hope Kate recovers quickly wine will help????????????????
13th June 2015

Yes he is breath taking so are his bits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12th June 2015

happy to join also, freezing in qld. .every thing looks fantastic ENJOY
From Blog: Cinque Terre
12th June 2015

Oooooh! You're killing me!!!!!! Hope you feel better Kate.

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