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6th January 2013

Loved reading these!
Especially loved the loosing each other sledging.........What a wonderful experience you two had. Now hopefully you had a good rest and enjoy being back home again! Life is never dull with you is it?
3rd January 2013

Hello I live in Zürich. From looking at your photos I see you didn't capture the atmoshere of the old town with its fascinating history 1300. Next time you're here you can call me and I'll give you a walking tour 2 hours. I will show you a trapdoor and the street where people used to throw their sewage in the middleages. Fascinating ! Regards Ester Beck
7th January 2013

Hi Ester, thanks for your comments! We did get a chance to walk around the old town on Christmas Eve before we went to the service at Gross Munster. Unfortunately much of the time that we were in Zurich, stores/attractions/tours were not open due to the time of year. We loved all of our time spent in Switzerland, and Zurich was the perfect place to have as our home away from home as we explored the country! Donna
29th December 2012

Loving the blog and pictures!
So nice to follow along.
26th December 2012
Us in our matching BAZINGA shirts

I even joined so I could rate this picture..........well it still won't let me!!! *****
24th December 2012

Very cool!
Thanks for sending the link~~~!! And thanks for the gifts!!
24th December 2012

Keep checking back for updates! (Gifts? or Gift, singular)?

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