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22nd December 2013
Volcan Ollague 1

What a great volcano blog...Salar de Chiguana...you are at the top of my wish list with Atacama Desert. Thank you...thank you.
22nd December 2013
Volcan Ollaguë

5 stars...fantastic shot...Magnificent Mountains thread for this one
20th October 2013
Looking south, back towards Lodwar

I've put this on the Follow that Road thread in the Photographic Forum...magic pic. Hope your time in Kenya is rewarding...looking forward to pics of Lake Turkana
From Blog: Crossing Turkana
30th July 2013

Dear Madam, I refer to your lovely photo of Frangipani.Yes here in India there are several varieties of them.However they are called as 'Champak' in Hindi our national language. Please do not take this as offence.
20th June 2013

Reading some of your older blogs
Doing a bit of research and I've enjoyed reading your blogs. Hope you publish again soon.
From Blog: Krakow
26th October 2012

I love the photos,Brisbane is a city I really want to visit. I might go as an exchange student in 2 years!!!!! Hope I'll enjoy it as much as you !
From Blog: Brisbane
11th September 2012

Wandering again
Sounds like you are having a great time Fabulous photos.
From Blog: Brisbane
8th July 2012

Good Story!
I loved reading this and your photos are great too!
7th July 2012

travel deals from exotic travels and vacations
I love animals.. That is why I wanted to travel in Australia Zoo.. Thanks for sharing.
20th September 2011

Thank you for your nice comments YOUHEI. The yellow stone is sulfur--it forms in volcanoes.
20th September 2011

Great and beautiful!!
Hi, I'm posting the comment from Japan. I\'m Japanese. I am glad to find your diary and see the beautiful pictures! My favorites is fourth picture. Is the yellow stone mede ot volcanic? I\'ve never been to the New Zealand yet. Some day, I\'d like to travel there and take a lot of sites in my camera like you! Thank you for sharing pictures and sorry for my poor English.
7th May 2011

Enjoyed your little write up, and enjoyed the photos. Some nice observations.
27th April 2011
Lovoni village nestled in the crater

Lovoni my homeland..
PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL, the picture is really beautiful,nice choice of the angle where you took the photo from...
24th March 2011

This was a great blog! I really love to travel, and seeing posts like this about traveling within your own country are always refreshing. As much as I love going abroad, it is also fun to stay within the US, too. People often forget that it can be just as rewarding to experience your own country as it is to go overseas. Living in a nation as geographically diverse as the US, there are so many amazing places, such as Denver, to go see. It can be easy to forget just how much USA has to offer as far as traveling domestically, but it really is worth checking out.
24th March 2011

We love Denver
Enjoyed your blog!
18th March 2011

Great photos...
Wow - you get to go to some stunning places on field trips :)
28th December 2010

Where are you?
Tannis, I miss your blogs. You have not posted in a long time. I hope you will write again soon. Happy Holidays, MJ
From Blog: My kind of town
30th November 2010
Cloud Gate

This is an amazing picture!
From Blog: My kind of town
7th November 2010

Your trip looks amazing!!!
16th September 2010
Autumn Leaves

28th June 2010

I really want to come and spend my weekend visiting the sunset on the island
22nd June 2010
Lovoni village nestled in the crater

joka ca!!!
luv dis place..........!pliz dnt 4get im original 4rom cea!
8th June 2010

You have a eye of beauty.I like these photoes very much .
From Blog: The Rose City
8th October 2009

13th September 2009

Spider gate
My photos of the whole gate didn't turn out--it was tricky to photograph because the gate was so black, and the background sky was bright grey.

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