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Sonny Albert

55 years old , born in MAINE but raised in TEXAS. I claim TEXAS as home, I was raised as an army brat and after high school i served 10 years in the army. after the army i spent 17 years as a law enforcement officer working in corrections, K9 as a trainer and handler and working in the warrants dept. i currently work in Kuwait as a security contractor since 2010. I hunt and I fish. i love shooting sports weather its with firearms or archery. i love traveling especially on my harley. i love photography but I'm not a pro.i love being outside .

North America » United States » Texas » Big Bend March 28th 2016

A WEEK IN THE BIG BEND OF TEXAS It was early March 2016 and we had decided to do some backcountry camping in the BIG BEND AREA of TEXAS. We, Steve and I had decided this in the middle of February and had started to prepare for the trip. The original plan called for taking his Hummer and pull a trailer with the tent and other stuff we would need for ourselves and his 2 four legged kids. But I bought a 4-wheel drive truck and we opted to take that instead of pulling a trailer, which turned out to be a wise decision. The day to leave came and we had loaded the truck the night before. We had so far been unsuccessful at making reservations thru the state park reservation line so we figured ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 25th 2015

DUBAI AND THE UAE While living and working in Kuwait I have had the opportunity to travel to Dubai and the rest of the UAE on several occasions. I usually rent a Harley and ride thru the emirates. In fact if you go to YouTube and search (henry rides a Harley in Dubai.) you will see a very well made video of me riding that a friend of mine who owns a touring company made. I do have several videos that I did but not near as good as his. This blog will include stuff that I did while on all the trips to the UAE. The first trip to Dubai was specifically for a 2-day motorcycle ride. I got into Dubai late in the afternoon; I went straight to my hotel. I had asked several ... read more

North America » United States » Texas May 9th 2015

ROADTRIP 2014 This road trip would be a little different, first off Steve was having some back issues so instead of cancelling out he decided to drive his vehicle and pull his bike. This was fine with me but I was going to ride mine. This trip would take us south to the Mexico border than along it to big bend Natl Park. From there we would shoot over to New Mexico and just spend several days riding parts of that state that we had not ridden before. And than head back to Texas. The ride started like all the rest, at first light, our first stop would be for breakfast at the blue bonnet café in marble falls, this place has excellent food and is usually pretty crowded on the weekends but we were ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg May 6th 2015

This trip to South Africa happened on a whim. I had 8 days off coming up and knew I did not want to spend them in Kuwait where I work. I started looking at different places to visit, Nepal. India, Mauritius, Malta, just places I have heard about and thought might be interesting. One morning while I was eating breakfast downtown and searching I over heard a few ladies from the UK talking and one said that she was getting ready for a holiday in South Africa, and the others said that they had been there several times. I couldn’t understand why someone would go back to the same place so many times. This got me to thinking. I had always wanted to go to Africa, hunting but could never justify the cost; I started researching ... read more

North America » United States » Texas May 4th 2015

ROAD TRIP 2011 This trip was 12 days and 4 states, starting in TEXAS, going thru NEW MEXICO, ARIZONA and COLORADO, back thru NEW MEXICO and into TEXAS. We did touch UTAH but that was only at 4 corners, this trip took place in early June but can’t remember the exact dates. The planning for this trip started in December while I was in Kuwait. At this time I was still riding a Harley Davidson sportster that was in the shop being upgraded to a 1200 and having some other stuff done to it. As on the majority of my trips Steve was my riding partner and we had made several weekend trips with our girlfriends, usually no more than 2 nights, until this trip our longest had been 4 days in NEW MEXICO and the ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Killeen April 29th 2015

ROADTRIP 2012 10 STATES 22 DAYS The ride was 22 days, 10 states and 6100 miles. My name is Sonny and I am a contractor working in KUWAIT. I only get to come home once a year and that’s for about 30 days so I try to do as much riding as I possibly can. The planning for this trip started in August of 2011 right after my last trip. The route changed several times as I researched what there was to see in the states that I was planning on riding through. The primary plan was to ride old route 66 from Amarillo Texas to Barstow California, at least as much of it as we could. My riding partner and I met at Denny’s for breakfast at 4am, we had packed the bikes the night ... read more

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