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14th February 2014

Great Blog
Everything you said :) - I was looking for the right word for Singapore, and you nailed it. It feels like a giant amusement park thats very serious or a Sim City game.
10th February 2014

I'm guessing somewhere in Singapore you can find blue whale on a menu, but it probably isn't much of a drink garnish.
17th February 2014

blue whales
for sure, blue whale is likely featured in several hawker stands
20th December 2013

Hello Chicklets!
Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog on PNG, educational and hilarious as always Heather! Keep writing, I can't wait to find out more about your adventure down under and beyond. Xo
20th December 2013

Your blog
Great blog! You packed in a lot of information. Sounds like a very interesting experience.
20th December 2013

Happy Birthday
Hope you had a great birthday Shelagh, welcome to the club...
16th December 2013

great blog
Sounds as if your are really packing in the new experiences! Glad for the teenagers that you were able to feed them a few times. Will they arrive home starving?! Food is just one of the reasons that parents of teens are usually broke.
16th December 2013

Hi from Twila
Looks like you gals are having a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing. What are your Christmas plans? Do people decorate trees there? I've heard that everyone goes to the beach on Christmas Day, is that true? Take care, Twila
4th December 2013

Boosting the local economy
Great to hear you are boosting the local economy and preserving your liver at the same time. Customer appreciation day at Highlander this Saturday so paying a visit and have already decided to walk there. -20oC in Calgary today, spent 1 1/2 hours clearing the paths and digging the back alley to get the car out...the joys the joys. Trust all is ok and you are living the life. Wx
4th December 2013

Looks nice and warm
Glad your having a great time, we got our first big dump of snow this week, up to 40cms in some area's. The nasty wind did help anything either, snowdrifts and whiteout conditions had the highways closed and as you can imagine commuter kayos ensued. But the city is digging out with a bright sun shiny day today. We had dinner in your house without you last week. Not as weird as you think it would be though. We leave Friday for some fun in the sun. Take Care, R&M
4th December 2013
Katherine gorge

I loved paddling down this gorge, it was gorgeous, but I recall being freaked about the crocs too!
4th December 2013
Albino kangaroo

that's a little creepy!!
4th December 2013

they remind me of Marley when they are all chill like that!
4th November 2013

Hey Guys, Alyson came in today and forwarded me your blog. I am loving reading them! You guys are a blast. it sounds so amazing! Add me to your list please!
4th November 2013

Brings back great memories
Kakadu was one of the highlights of my trip to Oz eons ago. Funnily enough I think I have the same photo of Katherine Gorge - spent a day canoeing down it. Just wondering though, I thought you might've mentioned Crocodile Dundee as it was pretty much all filmed there, and you now have the Outback hats for the photo opportunity (or maybe you don't want to show us!)
4th November 2013

Good times!
Sounds as if you are having a lot of fun in spite of the heat and scaries. Great blog and great pictures! Love, Mom
27th October 2013

Great blog, Heather! So glad you and Shelagh have arrived safely. Was wondering about the impact of the bush fires...keep us posted. You will be glad to know that it snowed today in Calgary :(.
25th October 2013

Blue Mountains
Glad you saw the Blue Mountains a bit different from the last time we were there when we went to the cinema because of the rain. Mum &Dad
25th October 2013

I put two 'likes' in - one by the bus story and the other with the fake bear. Can you blog with room for comments along the side? I had some witty remarks to throw in but forgot them by the time I got to the end.
16th November 2012

Great blog!
I really enjoyed your blog. sounds as if you've had a great time. Looking forward to seeing Heather next weekend.
14th November 2012

Electric Heat
FYI - apparently New Brunswick is just a modernized as Bhutan - we have electric heat in all of our rooms too. No centralized heating. Love the blog. Thanks for sharing. I am reading it all. Have fun. Sherry
14th November 2012

What a great trip
8th November 2012

Oh I'm so glad your blogging your trip. Hope your having a great time, its suppose to puke snow today 20cms.
6th November 2012

Thanks for sharing!
That's quite an adventure ladies! Stay safe!
6th November 2012

Wow--sounds like another great adventure! Love the photos! Looking forward to more blog entries.

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