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7th May 2017

So good to see the return of a metaphorical horse :) Looking forward to April's canter/trot.
4th May 2017

Toli Peer
Well guys that's a good read, but wait I've a suggestion for you if you've any plans to visit Pakistan, you need to visit Kashmir (Heaven on Earth) you will see real natural beauty created by holy God and the best place to visit in Kashmir is Tolipeer, Toli Pir is a peak range arranged in Tehsil Rawalakot in the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir. Its surmised height is around 8800 ft above ocean level. It is around 30 km, or a 45-minute drive, from Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir.the Charming climate with temperature going between 5 C to 12 C amid summers. If you want to visit and eat some quality food such as traditional and continental food you should visit its a restaurant and guest house of my friend with good hospitality and clean enviroment. You would love being there.
7th February 2017

not sure salted tea is for me........ though im guessing it would be good for you if made with miniral salts.... :)
7th February 2017

I would honestly try it again!
4th February 2017

Enjoying reading your blog - and learning things I wouldn't necessarily naturally come across day to day x
19th January 2017
Ice Slide

Fantastic. I would love to see this
From Blog: Ice, ice, baby
19th January 2017
Ice Slide

Me too! I'm getting so many ideas for next year!
From Blog: Ice, ice, baby
17th January 2017

Victoria Park
Always fun to watch
From Blog: Feed the Birds
15th January 2017

Enjoying your blog . Coincidentally I was watching crows and the peregrines yesterday - didn't have any seeds or loaves with me though ?
From Blog: Feed the Birds
16th January 2017

Glad to hear your enjoying it! I'm having a lot of fun doing it!
From Blog: Feed the Birds
11th January 2017
A truly delicious table!

It tasted delicious! I highly reccommed the pirozki!
6th January 2017

Food photos
I love photos of food
7th January 2017

More food!
I've just made and eaten a Russian Christmas Dinner. Very yummy! pictures on the most recent blog :)
1st January 2017

A great travel story
Great blog Heather, I love the idea of celebrating world holiday traditions. One day you may want to try the Siberian tradition. In 1989, I did the polar freeze into the Ross Sea while working in Antarctica.... a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks for not dropping the ice cream.
1st January 2017

Hi! I may have to finish off the year with a freezing dip in the ocean! I'm looking forward to reading about your trip to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan! Do you have any favourite celebrations?
9th November 2013

This is an ancient burial ground - would that make sense?
From Blog: Volgograd
10th November 2013

Yep, that makes sense!
From Blog: Volgograd
8th November 2013

Enjoying your impressions
We have not been to Russia yet but are beginning to do some research. I like that you are starting to incorporate a bit of history into your blogs so we better understand the people and the architecture. Local rituals and expectations are always interesting to hear about. Looking forward to reading more.
From Blog: The Cooking Pot
24th October 2013

It is hard to balance wanting to get a great shot and being respectful of what is going on around you. We need to be sensitive to these issues. You've have a wonderful knack of chatting with people and they share their stories. Very nice. I love that.
27th October 2013

Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I love the photos you have of California, and am reading through your blog. The Bohemian Highway looks so beautiful that I will have to go one day!
24th October 2013

Hello Heather
I stumbled onto your blogs today and have enjoyed reading about your trip. Love the conversations and your impressions. Hope you will add more photos. I enjoy your longer blogs over your shorter ones. What a great experience. Happy travels.
From Blog: NERPA
16th October 2013

Did you ever read the Endless Steppe by Esther something of other deeply cold winters and boiling summers that's how I think of Siberia - perhaps you are in the taiger bit which would account for the forests.
From Blog: Siberia
18th October 2013

Endless steppe
Yep, i'm in the taiga bit. Charlotte was teling me about that book last night! I'll have to read it when i get back!
From Blog: Siberia
12th October 2013

Look forward to your blogs enjoyed the journey through the desert. :)

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