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26th October 2011

Glad you made it all the way. Your Mom filled us in this morning. Meg and I got home around 2:30 Monday. GOOD LUCK!
21st July 2011

I knew you loved Florence!
Actually, I thoughout about you quite often as I was walking around, since you had said before how much you loved the city. It's totally my kind of town too.
18th July 2011

I love Florence!
I'm so glad you love Florence! It is such a great city. It was definitely my favorite city I visited in Italy when I went, too. Isn't Santa Croce great? I really wanted to go in there because of a section in "A Room With A View" (which I had started re-reading as we entered Florence); I was not disappointed. I highly reccomend watching the movie of "A Room With A View" when you get back. It's fun to see all the sights in the movie and be like "Hey! I was there!" Glad you're enjoying your time!!
27th June 2011

always good to get lost and be found again
Best way to figure out a town/city is to get lost and find your way again - like driving in Seattle for the first few times. It all makes sense after a while. Now that you've found your way again, have a great time finding those places Tuesday! How was the wine?
From Blog: Day 6: Big City
6th September 2010

alarm "cock"
sorry, just had to do it! That rooster woke me up too, but not until 6:30 am. Must have been those extra glasses of wine before bed time that helped me sleep in until the organic alarm clock - er.. cock, went off. ;)

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