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14th July 2009

Wow and wow! What amazing experiences these are! The interview sounds like such a rare opportunity, and the knitting group gave you that personal connection that takes your experience of the locality beyond just sights and surface. Clark did a great job in As You Like It as the lovesick shepherd. Sam was in the light booth. Happy travels!
14th July 2009

knitting moments
Great to read about your knitting friends. It's wonderful to have a hobby that you can bring with you to another place and then connect with others around. I like those DNA socks - I seem to have seen that cable before - didn't you make Bob something with that cable?
14th July 2009

Its great to see your wordings.. thanks for sharing... ___________________ Andrew Entertainment at one stop
13th July 2009

Enjoyed reading!
Hi Sara, Mairin here from the knitting group in Galway. I enjoyed reading your piece! Funny aside - you know the traditional way of making soil you describe - breaking rocks, hauling seaweed and sand, etc. - well, my dad was prosecuted in the courts here for doing exactly that!! Nowadays you are not allowed to change the landscape in any way, traditional or not. He had to pay a large fine. Hmmmm!! Mairin
12th July 2009

No, I'm not really tempted to buy. I'd rather buy the wool and knit one myself! They are inspiring; I wish I'd brought something a little more exciting than socks for my own knitting.
12th July 2009

love the sweaters
They are so beautiful! Have you been tempted to buy one?
11th July 2009

Hello Sara sounds like a wondeful adventure, intresting information one that i would not have ever know of with out your blog. The sweaters are very nice, but the one you gave to me is so much better to think you could of taken it with you and made a fortune, but iam glad you gave it to me I love it will continue to follow your wonderful story. Enjoy Love Rhonda
8th July 2009

the socks!
I love seeing your progress on your socks. You must have knit all the way across the Atlantic! Ruth
8th July 2009

Your socks look great! and so does Ireland..
I was happy to read your notes today. The weather at the cliffs looked fantastic! Thanks to for all your historic insights. Your socks look great. That wrap is so lovely. Maybe your next project?? Have a great trip on Thursday. Hello to Mike. Love - C.
8th July 2009

hey mom! love the pictures, we can see them now =]
7th July 2009

like a map of Ireland
We're glad to be reading this and knowing you're well and getting some exercise. See you soon! Thanks for the update, we can't wait to see some photos. Cheers, Bob
7th July 2009

Changeable weather
Tom is playing golf between thunderstorms today, and in between it has been lovely! We've been to two NEYT productions this past weekend, with another coming up, and I enjoyed the kids' energy and obvious enthusiasm. I also thought of you in such a different setting! Glad the start of your trip sounds so satisfying.
21st June 2009

can't wait
I'm really looking forward to hearing and seeing more details as you head out. Nice job on inserting the pictures! Ruth
4th July 2007

Your pitcures are great and you have such a way of bringing me right their with you sounds like you have had a grand time thanks for sharing we will see you soon
2nd July 2007

Sara, Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Your pictures were beautiful and I enjoyed your commentary. Hope you had a safe trip home. Rut
2nd July 2007

We are glad that you are back home safe and sound. Friday must have been a difficult day to be in London. Your journal is wonderful. Well done Sara !!
29th June 2007

Ahhh, you are giving me wunderlust. Your trip is sounding fab. (isnt that what the Brits say?) It has been so fun to read your comments and see your pix! I am sure youre having a blast. See you soon! Nancy W.
27th June 2007

Thanks for sharing all this with us ... very beautifully written with lots of great photos. Miss you!!
27th June 2007

Love the photos!
Hi Sara, I am thoroughly enjoying the photos, as well as your writing. Thanks! I saw Clark this morning at Melodrama Camp when I dropped Anya off. Looks like they're having fun! Take care, Lee
27th June 2007

you've outdone yourself with the descriptions of this leg, well done! What an adventure you're having; we're looking forward to more stories this weekend. Cheers, xxxooo
26th June 2007

Traveling suits you!
We love the pictures and commentary. See you Saturday! in 05301
24th June 2007

Janie and I are really enjoying your blog ! The pictures are bringing back lots of memories for us, especially Edinburgh. Did you pay homage to " Bobby " at the Kirk of the Greyfriars ?
20th June 2007

Thought your description was great, when we were there a wedding was being held in the small chapel and also at one of the inns we stayed was a wonderful wedding reception(we were not invited) with all the weddding party in the full regalia ,kilts of a splendid plaid with maroon in it..thanks for the memories...anita
19th June 2007

slate museum/Granville
In the slate museum here in Granville are many fine examples of the Welch lovespoons..Great descriptions of Wales , loved it when we visited..Thanks for the memories..Anita
19th June 2007

Takes me back.Wonderful picts,and really great commentary,quite anxious to see and talk about what you saw and did when you get back..John

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