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10th September 2011

I recently brought my 2 sons, aged 9&10 to the Jail. The guide was really well informed and made it a point of encouraging questions from everybody. We were the only Irish people there in a group of about 25 and I was really dissappointed that more Irish people dont visit as it is a place of great importance in the founding of our country as it is today. Its not expensive as it was less than 10 euros for 3 of us and as a good way to spend an afternoon I would really recommend it.
16th February 2011
I'm happy you had fun in London. There are a lot of things to be seen and the most important - who doesn't love holidays :) Keep posting optimistic stories like this one.
12th May 2010

Thank you
Thanks so much for your lovely post. What great memories of a way of life long past. Sara
9th May 2010

Hi Sara your blog brought back memories, my mother was born in Kilronan and I once spent a summer there with my mother at my grandad's cottage. I must have been about 8 or 9 years old so nearly sixty years ago. I can remember the oil lamps and also my mother and myself going to the local pub with an empty can to buy porter (beer) for my grandfather. because I was there over the summer holidays (England) I was allowed to join in the school classes however I don't remember them being taught in Irish, but maybe my memory is playing tricks. The boat we came over on was actually called the Dun Aengus, and it used to bring the bread over amongst other supplies and I can remember we each were given a jam sandwich and a lovely fresh loaf to take home once a week. Back then there was only one school building for all students and I must have had a good singing voice because I was asked to sing amongst others at sunday mass. I can remember the huge cliffs and getting scolded for jumping out at the gate of the cottage and frightening the cows being led back home. Today I would be safely behind the gate until they passed, but then I had no fear. Inside my grandfather's cottage there was a lovely flagged floor and a big open fireplace with a witch's cauldron type pot hung on a chain for cooking. the toilet was at the end of long garden a hole in the ground with a wooden seat, and there was a bedroom off the living room the other one was in the loft reached by a ladder. I can remember getting quite upset at the sight of my grandfather wringing a chicken's neck for our dinner. Fuel for heat and cooking was dried peat blocks brought in annually by the boat load and stored from floor to roof in the adjoining barn. There is so much more I must have experienced and I can remember everybody was so friendly, and I don't think the island was such a tourist attraction back then. My grandfather was brought back to England to live with my parents and me, because there was nobody to care for him as most of his other children had emigrated to other parts of the world, mainly USA. However he only survived 12 months and when I look back and think that this was a man who had never been off the island and had not even listened to a radio until he left it must have been a huge emotional change for him. However they now have a nursing home for their residents which I am sure is a godsend. Kathy
7th February 2010

from your cousin in Vermont
Karen, Just came upon your comment. What a pleasant surprise! It's been 30 years or more, hasn't it? Hope you are well. Would love to be in touch. Please feel free to email; I'm at Sara
13th January 2010

Hello Cousin!
Hello from a long lost cousin! Received a forwarded copy of your New Year's letter from Uncle Tommy and visited your blog! What a wonderful trip and incredible pictures! So nice to hear how you are doing! My husband and I LOVE the United Kingdom, so wonderful to "revisit" places through your beautiful writings! Wales is our favorite, but married in Scotland, so that has a special place in our hearts. Your family is beautiful Sara, much love. Cousin Karen
3rd January 2010

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1st January 2010

Aran knitter
Thanks for your comment. Did you connect with the knitter on the Aran Islands? It's funny because I still have a business card I picked up in 2006 from a woman named Sarah Flaherty. She had a little shop at the base of Dun Aengus. Her phone number (then, at least) was 099-61233.)
28th December 2009

Im absolutley and exremely proud, more than ever, of my Irishness afer reading about our deceased heroes, may god rest there souls, a real inspiration......
19th November 2009

Loved your pictures
While googling looking for an Aran Island knitter named Sara(h) from whom I bought some sweaters in 2004, I came across your travel blog and enjoyed every second of it. My daughter lived in London for several years (now in Dubai) and I visited Spitalfields market and the cemetery as well. Unfortunately, I lost all of my pictures on my computer a couple of years ago. It was great seeing yours.
16th August 2009

hello sounds so wonderful all the places that you have been the pitcures are great looks like Rhys truly enjoyed all the adventures always wanted to get lost in a real maze after reading a book as a kid about kids getting lost but having fun trying to get out thanks again for sharing looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks Love Rhonda
From Blog: Hever Castle
14th August 2009

I love the description of all of the mazes. And the topiary is wild! Wish I were there, I bet it's a lot cooler than Brattleboro which is in the 80's low 90's today! Ruth
From Blog: Hever Castle
14th August 2009

What a wonderful time you are all having..We are so glad you could go and enjoy each other for so long a you and can;t wait to see you..
From Blog: Hever Castle
12th August 2009

Home on Saturday!
We come home on Saturday, and I think we're really ready...A few more things to do on our list this week! Sara
12th August 2009

I love the description of the walk near the Tate as several years ago our family walked from the Globe Theatre to the London Eye and enjoyed the entire thing. Really liked the Kitchener reference too! When are you coming home? Ruth
6th August 2009

Hello Sara and the men in your life-sounds like your are having a wondeful time-you have done so much in one week and it all sounds like fun. Take care and i will be watching for your next post. Love Rhonda
28th July 2009

28th July 2009

hello again!
Hi Sara- It's been such fun hearing of all your grand adventures. Can't wait to hear about them in person. I'm sure you're anxious to see the boys and I'm sure Bob will be relieved to have you back! (So to speak.) I just got back from visiting my cousin and his family up in Wilmington, VT. Of all times I'm up there and you're not! Bummer! They're from Idaho and have a summer place up there. Cute little town. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! Love Rene
22nd July 2009

Wonderful Blog
Sara, It's great to read about your travels. Your account is thorough, well written, and really interesting. The students must be having a rich experience. Now I want to travel in Ireland!
From Blog: An Gorta Mor
21st July 2009

You are such a wonderful writer! Why haven't you written the "second" great American novel? Or at least a great travel log. I love reading your blog, I have learned so much. You are a natural. Todd and I talk about your knitting photos whenever we see one another : ) I look forward to your next posting. L- C.
From Blog: An Gorta Mor
18th July 2009

Last night we attended a play called The Last High Queen of Ireland, and the main character was Gormlaith, the wife of Brian Boru. She had him assassinated at the battle of Clonfert in 1014. So what a coincidence to turn on the computer and see photos of the Clonfert Cathedral!
16th July 2009

Again you brought me right into the story you are sharing it is remarkable that it happens that way glad to follow you and learn from your experinces and wow ms. huston that is awesome Rhonda
15th July 2009

What a wonderful writer you are..
You made me feel I was in the room with you...Have a great time
14th July 2009

Thanks, Mairin
Thanks for reading, and for your comment, Mairin. I'm sorry I spelled your name wrong at first! Sara
14th July 2009

hey Sara. I'm very impressed with your blog, and your writing style. Whenever we have traveled, we're so jammed for time that I can't imagine taking the care that you do with your words; you're great with detail - I feel like I'm right there with you, although I'd make a terrible knitter. I love it that your trip soon turns into a family affair - and admire that you're giving your boys some great views of the wider world. I'll send your link onto Kate - she's at Lake George, but I'm sure that she'll find a computer connection at some point. The play was excellent, really. I'm totally amazed that they put it together in only 3 weeks - much as I was amazed at West Side Story last year, which I also loved. Anyway - safe travels to you; I hope that you keep having wonderful experiences. - John

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