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26th April 2013

I visited Bull Temple ,its a nice place.do visit once.Online Bus Booking just a click away
28th March 2011

Thanks for your kind words
Dear Rmusse, I am very happy that you liked your stay in bangalore, and its so nice of you to write about the same. Next time you are in bangalore try Koramangala, i am sure you would love this part of bangalore. I own a serviced apartment - Live Inn in the same locality which is just few miles away from all the major IT hubs, so you may save time travelling to work and have more time to experience the place. Best Regards, Prabhu A +919880349785 http://www.liveinnbangalore.com
7th October 2010

... so those are the magical Brazilian elves :)
19th August 2010

Great pics.
3rd August 2010

Rangoli, or Kolam pic.
What is that??
29th July 2010

Te aminho!
Nhonho, pyāra! :D
26th July 2010

Tell me about your travel without beef... heahahahaha
15th July 2010

Ruama legal as fotos, curta bastante. Um beijo (Emilson)
15th July 2010
prayers to be heard

Qtos anos estao essas mensagens aih??? caramba hehhehe Bjs
15th July 2010

Eita qta foto show! Agora entendo... deve estar demais mesmo! Aproveite muiiito! Bjs
10th July 2010

Did you...
... try magic masala Lay's crisps? They ROCK!!! I love them.
8th July 2010

Hello Niki, Thanks for visiting my blog. Indeed it's been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I'm loving every bit of it. :) Cheers!
7th July 2010

Hi there, I'm an Indian, living in Canada. Just leading these blogs out of interest. Best of luck in India, with your work and otherwise. It is an overwhelming experience even for Indians that return after being away for some time, but hopefully will be a good one for you. Niki
7th July 2010

I loved the pictures.. the place looks like cool. kisses
6th July 2010

Blog blog blog!!!
Wish I was there ... I LOVE DOSA :) So much I found myself some really authentic ones here in UK. Still, they taste just sooo much better in India. Take care!
4th July 2010

Ruama, When I was showing this picture to Ma, we had over a friend from Argentina, and he got mad about this picture! hahahaha
3rd July 2010

Muito baacana hein??? Adorei as fotos, adorei as news!!! Keep Posting!!! Bjunda!!!
27th June 2010

That's great news!!! And you always wanted to go!!! Enjoy - very jealous over here.
From Blog: The plan!
24th June 2010

saudades já
Woman, vou morrer de saudades, mas feliz por você. A senhorita sempre foi do estilo, vai praticar a dancinha do pescoço ou vai aperfeiçoar as suas técnicas? Vai tomar muito chai? Só não vá ser trocada por camelo heim, não aceito isso. Woman boa viagem e use o sari, que eu sei que vc tem..e deve estar mofado no armário. E muitas fofos e mais fotos! Beijos
From Blog: The plan!
22nd February 2007

btw, it's not grand, it's gränd :-) hope you enjoyed your stay with us!!
22nd February 2007

hope you'll finish your travelblog soon ruama! :D what you call the opera house is really the concert house, where the nobel prize is given. and the pic with question marks, is called kungsträdgården, the kings garden! hahaha look at that pic with the ice skating rink and ice sculpture, you can see my mitten!! :PPP
21st February 2007

poooooooor little lady bugs!
21st February 2007

it's spelled helsingborg, and helsingör. you know what "hell" is, and it's not in sweden nor denmark ;P well. i would really like to go to denmark, and after reading about your trips there, i'd like to go even more!! is it really that different from stockholm? how brave of you to go back there alone, i admire you!! :)
21st February 2007

are you proud of that last pic? :D it's funny when you go to malmö, they call that shopping street "gågatan" (with their accent of course) but almost nobody knows the name of the street, they really believe its called gågatan (which means walking street). the name is södra förstadsgatan. it means like south suburbanstreet. which is quite strange.. well..
From Blog: Malmö
21st February 2007

what?! crime is part of rio, you have to experience the WHOLE city, including its imperfects, right? :P thats the great part of travelling!!

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