Rebel Without a Backpack


Rebel Without a Backpack

Performing under the stage name of Rebel Without a Coat, and traveling under the name of Emily, I'm a fairly nomadic busker/hitchhiker/cheapskate extraordinaire who likes to go on budget adventures, roam the world and meet new people.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Crianlarich April 19th 2013

Episode 5 – Ill-Prepared Smoker Climbs Munro A mundane dream is abruptly dissolved by my friend Moe calling my name. It's probably about twenty to eight in the morning, and I've slept through the sounds of him getting up and making me porridge and preparing half a banana. I stumble over to the kitchen table and whack some golden syrup on the porridge, scran the banana and then the porridge, trying to register that I'm awake. It slowly begins to register upon the first fresh air reaching me as we step out of the flat building, Moe ready to go to college, me ready to go hitchhiking. We spark up and head down the broad street that slowly swaggers into suburban Perth. The sun is out, and just as we are discussing sun tans I spot ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Perth April 18th 2013

Episode 4 – Perth (Scotland, not Australia ya silly wallaby) Monday the fifteenth of April. I step outside Castle Rock hostel in Edinburgh around 11.30 in the morning, have a much needed wake-the-fuck-up smoke, and give the lighter I borrowed back to the nice Italian boy who's been working and living in that hostel for god knows how long. This is probably my third hitch out of Edinburgh, and for the first time I'm going to do it without getting the bus out of town. It doesn't take me too long to walk to a half decent-looking spot on the road that leads to Fife - that which many refer to as the Penis of Scotland - and beyond to the A9, the great and magical artery into the highlands. I wait for a while and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh April 15th 2013

Monday the fifteenth of April. I haven't even set foot in a new place yet and I've already had an existential crisis and got a hole in my trousers. I'm supposed to check out of Castle Rock hostel at 10.30 am, and as I'm traveling without an alarm clock I wake up at exactly ten thirty, pack up the shit strewn across the floor, grab some breakfast, make a hitchiking sign and eventually check out at about 11.30. I've been staying in the hostel I usually go to when descending upon Edinburgh, for just over a week, with the intention of working two hours each morning for free accommodation and going out busking at night, to boost my dwindling bank account. I've had to pay for three nights after sleeping through cleaning hours, and I've certainly ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 6th 2013

Episode 2 – Leeds/Edinburgh Friday the sixth of April. On the top floor of a typical Edinburgh flat building, I'm facebook chatting, talking about girls with my friend Dave who told me just before I went traveling to "try not to get bummed by some homeless psycho". I'm pretty tired after a good night and thinking about going to bed soon and for some reason about three smoke alarms seem to be going off in the general vicinity every two minutes. My friend and long lost partner in funky musical crime who is hosting me in his flat is the only person tall enough to reset the bastards and has had to get out of bed to save us. I think he has it under control now... So, I set off on my mystery adventure about ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester April 1st 2013

Episode 1 – Travel preparations "A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving" - Lao Tzu On Monday the twenty-fifth of March, 2013, I'm standing in front of the bathroom mirror in my parents' house in Manchester, peeling acryllic paint off my face. I was with my friends from the Cosmic Junk Band last night, celebrating my penultimate night in Manchester with food, drink, face painting and intermittent jam sessions of which I think there are now some beautiful and funny recordings lying around somewhere (I say funny because there are a few less serious moments, including me having the great impulse to emit a wonderfully timed "sheeeeiiiit..." amidst a myriad of experimental noises). Anyhow, I'm picking around in my sort of quiff-cum-mohican that is due to be sacrificed tomorrow to ... read more

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