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Andy Perkins

I'm about to go wandering through China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and Southern Africa for the next 10 months. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get into too much trouble!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town May 7th 2011

Until I got to South Africa, India and Jordan were the two countries I’ve been to on this trip with the highest level of spoken English proficiency. Now, in some ways, this made travelling really great and easy because it meant I was able to really connect with people, make friends, and ask questions about the culture and society. But it also had the major drawback that touts – those guys on the street trying to sell you everything including their own mother – could really be bothersome (especially in India). You know, in China the touts would just look at me and walk away because they knew they couldn’t talk to me, but in India they would sometimes follow me for blocks offering a new and better deal after each block. Now, for most travellers, ... read more
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Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar April 20th 2011

Bear Hugged in the Punjab – Khajuraho, Varanasi, Amritsar, & Delhi – India Hey guys, I just realized that I’m sitting in Aqaba, Jordan and I haven’t still haven’t written about my last two weeks in India, so I’ve decided that I’d better throw something together before I forget everything that happened. So to get back up to date, I thought I’d share just a few small highlights and then wrap up with a few comments on India in General. Kama Sutra Temples – Khajuraho For those of you who like to look through my pictures, you’ll notice that the first set of photos is just a wee bit scandalous. The pictures are from the temples at Khajuraho (sometimes known as the Kama Sutra Temples). These temples highlights some of the best (and certainly the most ... read more
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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur March 31st 2011

Let me just start by saying that I’m writing this while watching the sun set over the Taj Mahal (and while drinking a beer) from a rooftop restaurant in Agra. So please bear with me if this isn’t my best piece of work :) After a couple of weeks on the ground in India, I'm finally getting a feel for the lay of the land and the people here, and I've decided that India really is a wonderful place. The food, sights, and festivals have all been fantastic so far, and the people have been out-of-this-world friendly. In fact, they've been so ridiculously friendly that I've decided that they are just a little TOO nice. I’ve been thinking there has to be some dastardly plot behind all of the bend-over-backwards kindness, and I think I've come ... read more
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Asia » India » Gujarat » Ahmedabad March 15th 2011

The Taxi Ride from the Airport to the Hotel My flight landed at 2:30am, so I figured I'd have relatively smooth sailing through traffic for the taxi ride to downtown from the airport. I just didn't realize how smooth. Of the twelve red traffic lights we hit on the way into town, we stopped for precisely NONE of them. I don't think we even slowed down for any of them. In fact, the only time we stopped the whole way (a trip of ~30 mis) was at a green turn arrow because the two cars in front of us were stopped blocking both lanes while having a chat! The First Day (Mumbai) I normally book my first night's hotel when I'm flying into some place just so I have somewhere to go when I land, but ... read more
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Asia March 13th 2011

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I've written. Sorry about that. I took a short two week vacation from my trip (to go home and pay taxes) at the end of February, and it's taking me a while to get back into the writing mood. Since I'm slow to come up with a few of my own ideas, I thought I'd used Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" as inspiration and just share a short story and a lot of pictures from today. At the moment I'm in the city of Ahmedabad / Ahmadabad / Ahmdavad (just depends on who you ask). I came in on an overnight train (a story for another time), so I was a bit tired and just figured I'd make it a lazy day of visiting a few ... read more
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Asia January 29th 2011

Okay, so after 4 months in China and Southeast Asia, I think I've become a little complacent. Travelling has been just a little TOO easy. Fortunately, I've landed in Indonesia, and now everything I thought I knew seems to have been turned on its head. That may sound a bit odd, but it's definitely how I've felt the first two weeks here. And it's both big and little things - 1) soda cans have changed size (now 250mL), 2) people are driving on the left (same as Thailand but none of the other countries), 3) there are Dunkin' Donuts everywhere (at least at all the airports I've been to), 4) I've found a fruit that is shaped like and egg and looks and feels like it's coated in snake leather, 5) almost no one is drinking ... read more
Thailand (01)
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Asia » Cambodia January 11th 2011

Okay, I really am starting to slip with these blogs, so I'm just going to fire off a short one this time with a lot of pictures to try to get caught up. As some of you may know, Jenn (my girlfriend) came out to Cambodia to join me for two weeks over New Years. She's still alive and safely at home, so you can take that as a good sign that I took it somewhat easy on her. Though I did have her trek through the jungle to befriend three very passionate leeches that all tried to giver her an ankle hickey! I'm sorry there aren't any pics of the leeches, but being the conscientious and thoughtful boyfriend that I am I decided it was best not to ask her to leave the leeches on ... read more
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Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang December 24th 2010

Hey guys, sorry for the LONG delay. I've been waiting for some sort craziness or inspiration to ensue, but it's been just a month of great travel without too much drama. So, for this entry, you're just going to have to settle for a few comments and LOTS of pictures from my last 4 weeks through the northern parts of Thailand and Laos. Okay, let's start out with a BIG stereotype - Thai people must be some of the happiest people in the world (I now see where it comes from Dan). No matter what was happening, all of the Thais I met were always laughing, even if it was bad. For example, on a rafting trip through northern Thailand, we flipped the raft in one of the rapids and one of the Thais got stuck ... read more
Thailand - Erawan Falls
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Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An November 28th 2010

Hey guys, sorry in advance, but this has to be kind of a quick and dirty entry. I only have a few minutes to throw together my thoughts on Vietnam as I'm heading off to Thailand tomorrow, and I don't want to fall too far behind in my log. So, with that said, I'll just get into a couple of the quick highlights: 1. I've discovered that the reading books I travel with really are my greatest form of adventure. Every time I sit down to have a quiet hour of reading, something bizarre inevitably happens. In the most recent incident of this, I sat down under a tree in a small village to kill some time, and 5 minutes after pulling out the book a man of about 30 came out and sat next to ... read more
Ha Long Bay (1)
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Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming November 13th 2010

PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR! My last week in China has been a rather good / eventful one. The excitement started after my hike through the Tiger Leaping Gorge (pics in last entry) when an Israeli guy and a Dutch girl I hiked with asked if I wanted to go celebrate our safe return by grabbing a beer at one of the bars for Chinese tourists. These places all had crazy fog/light shows and waiters/bartenders who would go up on stage and sing and dance in costumes, so I thought it would be a fun thing to check out. Somewhere during our first round of beers, I looked over and noticed that the table across from our was packed, and there was a guy signing some sort of book. After looking over a few more times ... read more
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