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15th July 2012

mud, insects, and cold water
I well remember the mud in Bocas when I visited 3 villages on the Changuinola before the dam was built. Mud is not a problem on my side of the mountain except in the height of the rainy season. But then, we both know that Bocas has no dry season. I wish the little red dots from the insect bites did all go away overnight. Alas, last January I woke up one morning with a few bites on my leg badly infected. It's OK now after one course of antibiotics in Costa Rica and 2 more after I got home. And the cold water has always been hard for me to take too. I'm not a scalding shower person, but I do like the water to be as least mildly luke warm. Despite all that, I wish I was there. Take care and have fun.
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14th July 2010

Good for you
Interesting trip. Presume you did eventually make it home. We were gone when these came in but read them ASAP upon our return. We were in GA, and NC and SC. Went to home of author of Gone with the Wind. Also to High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Friend of Bill's did a concert in their hometown in n. Georgia. Bill got a shout-out from the stage for coming so far to attend. We donated money to the Cherokees left in NC through their Harrah's outlet and met my cuz for lunch in Greenville SC which is a delightful city. No hockey or baseball but did eat at the Varsity Drive-In in Atlanta. Love to you and Chuck.
18th March 2008

Bring On the Pictures
Post those pictures so we can have visuals to go with the good descriptions of your travels. Want to see what the monkeys look like!
18th March 2008

that is what awaited me in Gamboa and on Barro Colrado Island. I pulled 5 tiny ticks off today in San Diego!
4th April 2006

You blogger, you...
Hey Holly! This website is cool. I can't wait to hear all about Australia! You are so cool! Won't I be seeing you in a couple of weeks?
23rd October 2005

Right on the head
I stayed at Backpackers and had the same sleepless nights because of all the noise. And a pool? San Jose isn't warm. What a waste. I checked out after two nights, went to a place called Cas Los Yoses, in a way better neighborhood and close to UCR and El Cuartel, but they were full. So they sent me 3 houses down to Hostel Bekuo. By far the nicest hostel I have ever stayed in, almost like a hotel and the same price as Backpackers. Michelle, one of the owners is the most beautiful Tica there is as well. Ditch backpackers and stay at Bekuo or Cas Los Yoses.

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